Measuring sticky ingredients can be a real pain. I hate the way honey, corn syrup or peanut butter sticks to everything — and then I can’t even tell if you’ve measured the right amount.

I was making a loaf of bread recently, and it was so much trouble getting the honey out of the measuring cup that by the time I was done I felt like throwing the whole thing away and just buying a damn loaf at the store. But then I found this genius trick, and it looks like the joy of baking can be restored.

Simply pre-grease your measuring cup or spoon with a little oil, and the ingredients will effortlessly slide right out.


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Tips and Tricks For Measuring Sticky Ingredients: Honey

Just a tiny drop of oil will do the trick — or alternatively, you can use a non-stick cooking spray to coat your measuring cup.

Either way, all of your sticky ingredients should be prepared to make a quick  —  and complete – exit out of the measuring cup and into your batter.

I think this tip will be especially helpful when you’re cooking with your kids. Because if you think getting Nutella out of a measuring cup is tough, it’s an almost insurmountable chore for a six-year-old. Unless you lick it out, of course. Which I’m sure they’ll be happy to volunteer to do.

Potos: Matthijs Smit Lindsay Moe via Unsplash