There is a line of Golden Girls hot sauces, and friends, we are here (and hot) for it. After all, our beloved Dorothy, Rose, Sophia and Blanche were the original BFFs, and we always felt better after we watched them work through life’s problems over a cheesecake every week.

For that we’d like to say thank you for being a friend, your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.

(Sorry, I knew I couldn’t get through this article without at least one reference to the theme song.)

Can’t you think of like so many friends who would be thrilled with this gourmet gift?

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Golden Girls Hot Sauce from Always Fits

Each Golden Girl has a hot sauce in her honor that’s perfect over tacos or to spice up your BBQ sauces this summer. There’s “Bea Spicy” for Bea Arthur’s character Dorothy; “Desert Rose” for Betty White’s Rose; “Sicilian Fire” for Estelle Getty’s Sophia; and the habanero-based “Hot Slut” named for Rue McClanahan’s Blanche.

And yeah, we’re kind of cringing over the word “slut” over here. But things were kind of different in the late 80s. Plus Always Fits, the company producing the sauces, is women-owned and managed, so we’re willing to give them a pass in the name of reclaiming unapologetic sexuality as one of the benefits of being single and liberated past 50.

You can find the Golden Girls Hot Sauce 4-pack Set  on sale at the Always Fits website.