Planning a Star Wars themed cocktail party? No? Well, we think you might want to after seeing this new W&P Star Wars collection, lots of it available conveniently at Sur La Table.

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The collection featuring everything from Star Wars character cookie cutters, to a complete baking set for making bantha milk and cookies, lightsaber spatulas (don’t let the kids battle with them), whiskey balls, and a special edition Star Wars Rebel fighter apron — or a Star Wars dark side apron for you aspiring Darth Vader successors. (Step aside, Kylo Ren.)

Just know those aprons must be really special because they’ll cost you quite a few Imperial Credits.

What I love about this kitchen collection is that’s it’s so adult and refined, while still honoring the zany western/space epic/ninja pop culture mash-up we all love.

Aside from the more obvious pieces like the cookie cutters and the aprons, some of the collection is fairly subtle, like the Death Star whiskey ball ice mold, for example, which they report will keep your drinks colder than the planet Hoth.

Friends who know Star Wars will love the allusion; friends who don’t will think you’ve just got cool, eclectic taste.

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Star Wars Death Star ice mold for whiskey balls

W&P Star Wars collection: Cookie cutters and other fun kitchen gifts

W&P Star Wars collection includes gifts like these lightsaber spatulas

These special edition Darth Vader and Rebel Fighter aprons are for serious fans!

Eat, drink, and party like a Jedi with the new W&P Star Wars collection of kitchen and barware

I think the collection includes perfect gifts for anyone who’s a fan of the Star Wars franchise, especially if they’re wanting to make their home a little more like Canto Bight — that’s the fancy gambling city from The Last Jedi, of course.

It’s a pop of joyful nerdery, and I can definitely use some of that.

Find the W&P Star Wars collection of kitchen and barware gifts at Sur La Table.

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