Non-alcoholic drink ideas to accompany Dry January (and newer, “Damp January”) articles and hashtags are popping up everywhere I look. For some people, cutting back on alcoholic is a serious change, while for others of us, it’s a smaller tweak to our routines to help with health, sleep, weight, mental wellness, or just saving money. In fact our friend Melinda Wenner-Moyer recently wrote a great NY Times article on the health benefits of Dry January.

But hey — no judgments and no pressure. If you can enjoy a nightly glass of wine then cheers to you. If you’re good with just drinking more water, amazing! But if you want some flavorful, fun non-alcoholic drink ideas for Dry January that keep things delicious and interesting, here are some options you may not have considered.

Easy and Delicious Non-Alcoholic Beverage Ideas for Dry January: You won’t even miss the alcohol!

A note about our non-alcoholic beverage ideas: For some people, drinks that are very similar to actual cocktails can be a trigger, so consider that whether for yourself, or if you’re looking for NA drink ideas for guests or family members. In some cases, soda, tea, coffee, or sparkling waters are actual the best and most respectful non-alcoholic drink options.  

Creative non-alcoholic drink recipes and ideas for Dry January -- or any month! Mocktails, soda water mixers, cozy hot drinks + more | cool mom eats

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1. Non-alcoholic drink idea: Soda Water + A Little Flavor 

Non-alcoholic drink ideas for dry January: soda water and a little flavor -- or a lot | recipe: soda streamRecipe: Soda Stream Australia

I’m a long-time fan of our Soda Stream machine, which has been going strong for about ten years now. (I also know quite a few fans of the aarke Carbonator, should you prefer beautiful appliances on the higher end.) if you’re investing, just make sure there’s a place near you that makes it easy to exchange the C02 canisters. Also, buying an extra 1L bottle or two is never a bad idea.

For flavor: I admit I’m not a fan of diet drinks or sugar substitutes I am definitely biased toward natural flavors or just sticking with the natural sweet stuff. So skip the pre-made flavor drops; we love fizzy water with fresh lemon or lime slices, mixed with a favorite juice, or for fun try a Torani syrup —  French Vanilla gives you basically a MYO cream soda. I also hiiiiiighly recommend the classic French flavored syrup from Teisseire, which is sold at a local shop and my kids adore it when I bring it home as a treat. Highly recommend the lime, lemon, or the grenadine flavor which is also nice on hand for DIY Shirley Temples. Or if you want even more flavor — check out the mocktail recipes below.

2.Non-alcoholic drink idea: CBD Beverages (or CBD alternative beverages)

Cloud Water CBD beverage is a nice pre-bedtime alternative to alcoholic drinks in Dry JanuaryCloud Water CBD beverage in half tea-half lemonade

My own doctor recommended CBD for me for better sleep a few weeks ago — do not take this as medical advice; this was just my own experience! — and sure enough, it’s a nice way to end the evening without the restlessness or midnight thirsties I can get from wine. Recess Sparkling Water is infused with adaptogens and 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, and the Blood Orange is delicious. Cloud Water is another popular sparkling CBD beverage, with 25mg of CBD isolate and lots of flavors that all skip the artificial sweeteners I don’t like. I also hear decent things about Flyers CBD beverages. If you prefer something warm and calming, try Zolt Dreamy powder in Honey Citrus Tea flavor. Just mix with hot waters and reap the benefits of 20mg of CBD.

Or you want to skip the CBD, most brands have CBD-free “mood boosting” or “calming” seltzers you can find in local bodegas or through Amazon –like Cloud Water + Immunity, and Recess Mood, which is infused with magnesium and adaptogens.

(And just a reminder: there’s no THC in these recommendations; if it doesn’t say THC on the can, you won’t get high.)

Related: CBD oil in cooking is creating a buzz! Here’s why you may want to partake.

3.Non-alcoholic drink idea: Easy DIY Mocktails

Cranberry Cutie Mocktail Recipe: Jane Sweeney, This Week for DinnerCranberry Clementine Mocktail at This Week for Dinner

We have a massive archive of mocktail recipes, and if part of your evening ritual is mixing up something fun to drink, then finding a non-alcoholic mocktail you like for Dry January may be an easy substitute in your routine — you get all of the flavor and none of the booze. Browse these posts for a few non-alcoholic drinks for Dry January I’ve selected that really aren’t complicated, and have more adult-friendly flavors.

Also find so many ideas on the Soda Stream site for whatever bubbly water you’re using. (This isn’t sponsored, it’s just a good resource!) That non-alcoholic Pear-Mango Tango looks outrageous, the Rosemary-Citrus Winter Spritzer would be lovely without the gin, and the Root & Toot will satisfy my love of all things ginger-flavored. Find even more recipes on the Soda Stream Australian site, like a Blackberry Ginger Ale.

We always have a bottle of homemade simple syrup (try my recipe!) which comes in handy in the most surprising ways.

4.Non-alcoholic drink idea: Booze-Free Hot Beverages

Lyre's non-alcoholic Kahlua substitute: Their coffee "liqueur" is great in coffee during dry JanuaryLyres non-alcoholic coffee liqueur

The classics are alway delicious without alcohol! In addition to coffee and tea, try simmering up a mulled cider, non-alcoholic mulled “wine,” a Spiced Tea Latte, this indulgent Hot Buttered Cider or even just a batch of homemade hot chocolate. Don’t sleep on the classics! And if you don’t mind an “alcohol taste” without the actual alcohol, consider substituting splash of Lyres non-alcoholic spirits like their NA coffee “liqueur” (substitute for Kahula) or Lyre’s Amaretti (substitute for Amaretto).

5. Non-alcoholic drink idea: Tea-Based Mocktail Recipes

While tea is of course delicious hot as intended, it can also be a surprising delicious base for some creative non-alcoholic drinks for Dry January. I fell in love with Owl’s Brew non-alcoholic tea-based mixers years ago but sadly, it seems they don’t make them anymore! (I guess there’s more money in booze.) Instead, I found some helpful lists of tea-based mocktail recipes. While a lot are suuuuper complicated, take a peek at the easier recipe ideas from Republic of Tea and Looseleaf Tea Market.

(I will note that that Republic of Tea Tablespoon Chai Concentrate looks like a solid staple to have around based on lots of their recipe ideas, and not just drinkable ones.)

6. Non-alcoholic drink idea: Ready-to-Drink Mocktails

Curious Elixirs are delicious ready-to-drink mocktails and mixers

While they can be spendy, there really are some terrific ready-to-drink mocktails and they’re probably taking over your social media feeds now that it’s Dry January. In fact, PBS reports that sales of ready-to-drink mocktails, and non-alcoholic wines and beers are up 40% over the last 2 years. Some I love include organic Curious Elixirs with no added sugar; Lyres in flavors like Amalfi Spritz and Dark & Spicy; and Avec Drinks, which can also  be found in this list of 10 craft canned mocktails for easy entertaining. In fact, I aways like keeping some on hand — if only a big bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or my newest favorite, Fever Tree Ginger Beer — so that non-drinking friends feel taken care of when we entertain.

7. Non-alcoholic drink idea: NA Wines and Beers. Good ones!

Some of the best non-alcoholic beers right now: From Heineken OO and Guinness 0 to craft beers from around the country

If you enjoy a glass of wine or a cold bottle of beer in the evening, you might want to switch one of growing list of actually good NA wines and beers, like Surely Wines, which we’ve covered here. I also hear good things about the award-winning French Bloom Rosé non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Non-alcoholic beers are getting major distribution now too, from Heineken 00 and Guinness 0 to craft N/A beer labels like Untitled Art and Athletic Brewing Co. There’s a great selection of NA beers at Drizly that will deliver, if you want to comparison shop.

8. Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Maybe they’re not something your’e going to sip in the evening after dinner, but for brunch? Try skipping a mimosa or a Bloody Mary for one of these fall flavor smoothies that are all delicious; 5 detoxifying smoothies ( love the Gimme Some Oven recipe with a blend of pineapple, banana, ginger, and lime), an elderberry smoothie recipe for some added antioxidants — or change up your favorites with one of these 5 tricks to making a sweet smoothie without heaps of added sugar.

Cheers to you, whatever you’re toasting with.