Elderberry smoothies may seem like a Pinterest fad, and okay, maybe they are.  But Elderberry syrup has been a trusted cold-and-flu remedy since the 1600s. I personally love the flavor, and have felt great when taking elderberry gummies, but I’ve been looking for ways to get it into my diet other than just taking OTC supplements. Liz had a great idea for me: elderberry smoothie recipes!

At a time we know it’s super important to stay healthy and keep ourselves out of doctor’s offices (and hospitals, yikes), during the winter of Covid, I’m willing to take whatever precautions I can.

Please note first that elderberries need to be cooked to be safe to eat them. You can make your own elderberry syrup, then store it up to use in these smoothies all winter long. But I know that’s a lot of work! Alternatively, buy it some off the shelves, ready to go.

I’m sure you’ll find tons more uses for it besides these delicious elderberry smoothies.

Note: We’re not medical experts; we’re writers. Although elderberry is a widely trusted immune-boosting food, please consult your doctor before using elderberry to treat an illness—especially when it comes to COVID-19. 

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5 immune boosting dinners: Elderberry smoothie for breakfast-for-dinner at Heartfully Nourished

This immune-boosting elderberry smoothie recipe from the Carmel Berry Co. is tangy and sweet, with pineapple in the mix. It’s packed with antioxidants that can help protect your cells so you can better fight off infections and have better immune function overall.


Elderberry smoothie recipes for winter: Immune-boosting elderberry smoothie at Simple Green

Featuring dragon fruit, banana, and coconut, this vibrant purple elderberry smoothie recipe at Simple Green Smoothies is on the sweeter side, making it a perfect for doubling up so you can pour some into your popsicle molds for the kids. Don’t you love when you can give them a treat that’s actually healthy for them? Of course, you will have to find dragon fruit — check a gourmet grocer or a Whole Foods for that.


Elderberry smoothie recipes for winter: A creamy Kefir Elderberry Smoothie at Tidbits

If you prefer a creamier smoothie, I recommend this Kefir Elderberry Blueberry Smoothie recipe at Tidbits. Since the base is made from yogurt-like kefir, your smoothie will be rich and creamy, with the added benefit of containing tons of healthy probiotics from the kefir. Add in the blueberry, elderberry, and banana, and you’ve got an elderberry smoothie recipe that’s packed with nutrients that can give you and your kids a healthy start to the day.