Decorating gingerbread houses is an annual tradition here, but other than the candy the kids inhale as we decorate, I admit we’ve never actually eaten the rock-hard house itself, especially after it’s been out on display for a few weeks. So, I love Hello, Wonderful’s gingerbread house pancakes recipe and tutorial that can be gobbled up right away.

It’s a perfect way to spend time with the kids at breakfast or for a special breakfast-for-dinner meal during this busier-than-normal holiday season.

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While I suppose you can use any pancake recipe you like, I’d like Hello, Wonderful’s easy gingerbread pancake recipe because it gives the finished pancakes a darker hue and a more authentic flavor.

Using cookie cutters or a knife, cut out the shapes you need and let the kids decorate their 2D houses on their plates. Don’t forget to make the cutest little whipped-cream snowmen and gingerbread people from the scraps.

In a nice twist (says this mom!) the tutorial uses mainly fruits and nuts for decorations, versus gumdrops and peppermint sticks. Because nothing turns our good elves into crazy elves faster than a pound of candy at 9 AM.

Check out the recipe and instructions for gingerbread house pancakes at Hello, Wonderful.