We have another round of weekly meal plan recommendations, with easy, low-stress meals your whole family will enjoy. These five recipes will get you through this week ahead easily and deliciously.

So grab a pen, make your shopping list, and stock up on ingredients before the weekend’s over to make your weeknights that much easier.

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At top: Three-bean turkey chili at Give It Some Thyme

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Weekly Meal Plan 143: 5 easy family recipes for the week ahead featuring an Instant Pot Beef Stew from Dinner at the Zoo

5 easy recipes (and 1 dessert!) for the week ahead

Weekly meal plan: Stuffed potato skins at Lazy Cat Kitchen

Kick off the week with this recipe for vegan potato skins with smoky chickpeas at Lazy Cat Kitchen for #MeatlessMonday. Chickpeas are a great substitution for meet if you’re trying to cut back, and this smoky ancho paste gives it a savory, satisfying finish.

Weekly meal plan: Pear and Ginger Pork Chops at Killing Thyme

Apples have cornered the market on pork chops for a long time, so I like the idea of this recipe for pan-fried pork chops with pear and ginger sauce at Killing Thyme as a sweet, fruity alternative. Plus, that sweet and tangy sauce will make it a hit with the kids too.

Weekly meal plan: Instant Pot beef stew at Dinner at the Zoo

Mid-week, I’ve hit a slump and I need a very easy dinner recipe or I end up ordering in. This Instant Pot beef stew at Dinner at the Zoo meets all my requirements: healthy, easy, and comforting. Warm some take-and-bake baguettes to go with it for a crowd-pleasing meal.

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Weekly meal plan: Baked fish at Ilona's Passion

These oven baked fish basa fillets at Ilona’s Passion are a great option for a lighter meal. Serve with some fresh veggies, or cut them up for fish tacos or place them on top of a big salad for a quick, easy dinner.

Weekly meal plan: Turkey Chili at Give It Some Thyme

We’re supposed to get snow down South this weekend, so I’m thinking this three-bean turkey chili at Give It Some Thyme is the perfect meal to let simmer all day.

Weekly meal plan: Thin Mint Cheesecake at Cooking and Cussing

It’s almost the end of the Girl Scout cookie selling period, so it’s your last chance to get some legit Thin Mints for this Thin Mint no-bake cheesecake at Cooking and Cussing. And yes, it would be absolutely worth tracking down a local Girl Scout to make this rich, creamy dessert.