We have fully made the leap to metal straws around here, thanks to the insistence of my eco-crusader kids. Well, that and those. pesky facts about what one-time use products like straws are doing to the planet. I carry mine around with me, but still, metal has its drawbacks. And we all know that paper straws are a disaster. So I think the new Ultimate Straw made of silicone is pure genius.

Not that silicone straws are brand new, but these have a lot of smart thinking behind them.

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GIR reusable silicone straws in different sizes. They fold down into a little carry pouch too!

They hail from a company called GIR (Get It Right), a company already making a small collection of smart silicone kitchen gadgets. The collection includes colorful straws sized for kids (some glow in the dark!), cocktails, standard glasses, and a long traveler straw for your “hydration flask,”

I think that’s VSCO girl speak for “water bottle.”

What got my teen most excited though was the boba straw, wide enough for those tapioca balls in bubble tea or for super thick smoothies and frappes.

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GIR reusable silicone straws in different sizes

GIR reusable silicone boba straw, wide enough for bubble tea, smoothies and frappes

The standard straws are even easy to keep in your bag, since they fold in half (silicone can do that) and pop into a little carrying pouch. Just note that the other sizes come in a reusable pouch, instead.

GIR reusable silicone straw collection: order now! | More: CoolMomEats.com

Their Kickstarter campaign has already blown past their original goal more than 8 times over, so I’d jump on some of the earlybird perks while you still can. They should arrive in time for stocking stuffers and cool hostess gifts — or hey, even for very own holiday peppermint mocha gingerbread chai lattes.