Let’s talk reusable straws, and the need for alternatives now. Because depending on where you live, you may have noticed that your favorite restaurants are no longer offering plastic straws. That’s due to a push to cut down on single-use plastics that can’t be recycled. And while I’m all for conservation, I know that straws are necessary if you’ve got young kids, sensitive teeth, or a medical condition that makes sipping difficult.

Or, a tray full of frozen margaritas at your backyard BBQ. Of course.

So I want to share these three reusable straw options to help you switch over from your regular plastic straws without missing a beat. Or an iced coffee.

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Plastic Straw Alternative #1: Glass Straws

Reusable straws: Glass straws | Hummingbird

Glass straws come with so many advantages: you can see inside them to make sure you’re getting the gunk out with each cleaning, and you can pop them into the dishwasher without worrying about chemicals leaching out. If the thought of handing your child a thin glass tube terrifies you (we get it), know that these Hummingbird glass straws hold up. Even Stacie’s own two rambunctious boys use them with no breakage so far.Impressive!

Plastic Straw Alternative #2: Metal Straws

Reusable straws: Silicon-tipped metal straws | Klean Kanteen

If the glass straw thing still spooks you, consider using stainless steel reusable straws as a plastic straw alternative. Just know that since metal is such a good conductor of cold (or heat), the drinking end may get chilly. I do like these silicon-tipped metal straws from Klean Kanteen for that reason — it eliminates both the wasteful plastic issue and the chilly metal straw issue all at once. As with glass, these metal straws are dishwasher safe, but they also require hand-washing with a special brush to get truly clean. Tip: After use, clean them sooner than later. Trust me.

Plastic Straw Alternative #3: Silicone Straws

Reusable straws: Seraphina's Kitchen silicone straw set | Amazon

These silicone straws help avoid the cold metal drinking straw issue — along with any worries about chipped teeth — and they may be more fun for teething toddlers to chew on anyway. Plus, they’re flexible and bendy, unlike their glass and metal straw counterparts. I like these silicone straw set from Seraphina’s Kitchen at Amazon since they’re wide enough for smoothies, milkshakes, granitas and even frozen cocktails. Bring it on, summer!

Other ideas for getting rid of single-use plastics:

Reusable straws: Zero Waste Kit | Zero Waste Nerd

If you’re really committed to reducing waste, even beyond plastic straws, I absolutely love this DIY zero waste kit shared by Megean at Zero Waste Nerd. She describes how it helps her avoid the take-out containers if she’s bringing home restaurant leftovers, or just wants to pay food to eat on the go.

Whichever reusable straw you end up choosing, her kit is a great complement.