Oh 2020, it’s been a tough start but sometimes you do throw us a bone just to keep us going. Like the announcement of Netflix & Chill’d, the newest flavor from Ben & Jerry’s.

The peanut butter ice cream (gah, my weakness!) includes sweet and salty pretzel swirls, and fudge brownies from NY’s Greyston Bakery, so basically three favorite binge-watching treats all in one delicious tub of caloric heaven.

Vegan and dairy-free friends: There’s even a version for you. But if you’re peanut-free, you’ll have to stick with Karamel Sutra or their many other nut-free flavors. Hardly a sacrifice.

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All about Netflix & Chill'd, the new flavor from Ben & Jerry's. There's even a dairy-free/vegan version! | more: coolmomeats.com

The way I see it, the new flavor was basically made for parents. I mean, when you’re young and uh…energetic, “Netflix and chill” has a totally different meaning. But for us? It really is about watching the TV, actually chilling out, and most likely, sticking our spoons directly in a delicious tub of frozen, high-caloric goodness.

(No 9/12 Weeks stuff here either. Just literally eating the ice cream off the spoon.)

Note: To be clear, it’s perfectly acceptable to devour the new flavor while streaming Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or (gasp) watching live network programming. You can even serve after dinner it with the TV off entirely! What a world!