While Juneteenth is (finally) getting a lot more attention now that it’s officially a national holiday, we all know that politicians need to do more than just declare it a national holiday — you can read more about that on Cool Mom Picks.

Still, it’s a promising start, and I’m grateful to these terrific Black food bloggers below for sharing their hearts — and their wonderful recipes with us. You can also check out the Black Foodie blog, which lists dozens more incredible food bloggers, along with recipes celebrating the diversity of Black American culture, from Jamaican Jerk Wings to Ghanian Kebabs, Cajun White Beans, to Brazilian Collard Beans with Bacon.

Hooray for education, progress, and one more small step toward justice, equality and equity.

Top: Strawberry Baby Back Ribs | A Worthey Life

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– This post has been updated for 2022 –

Juneteenth Cookout Recipes from some favorite Black Food Bloggers

However you celebrate Juneteenth, hope it’s a good one. And if you’re invited to the cookout (literally or figuratively), enjoy every minute of it. Here are a few recipes that caught my eye that I’d love to incorporate into any cookout or even just dinner for the family

Ed note: While you are making your menus and shopping lists, we encourage you to support Black-owned food businesses. Like, if you are going to buy barbecue sauce, or even fresh fruit, maybe skip Whole Foods and find a great, local, Black-owned purveyor instead. Then, keep going back. 

Juneteenth Cookout: Strawberry Baby Back Ribs | A Worthey Life

How gorgeous are these Strawberry Baby Back Ribs from Tatanisha + Derrick at A Worthey Life? Recipe aside (though don’t put it aside!), I loved reading their reflections on Juneteenth and what it means to them. In addition to their lovely recipes, their blog features glimpses into their very full life with three teenage boys, plus some helpful parenting advice like this post on how they’re protecting their kids as they leave quarantine.

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Juneteenth Cookout: Spicy Shrimp Creole from Pink Owl Kitchen

I was immediately drawn to this colorful Spicy Shrimp Creole at Pink Owl Kitchen from Mississipian chef Ashley, who includes a helpful breakdown of the “holy trinity” for those of us new to Creole cooking. I also love that her site is full of her sophisticated re-imaginings of traditional Southern fare, like this Blackened Catfish and Smoked Gouda Grits. Yes, please.


Juneteenth Cookout 2022: Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw | Crumb Snatched

Can you have a cookout without coleslaw? No! But it has to be a good one. Crystal at Crumb Snatched is on a mission to salvage the tarnished reputation of coleslaw, and I am here for it. This Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw recipe, borrowed from her mother, looks so much better than the soggy version I’ve had to endure at cookouts. Follow her blog for cool Cape Verdean recipes like this amazing-looking Coconut Cocktail, which I think would also be a very welcome addition at any summer grill out.

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Juneteenth Cookout: Watermelon Kiwi Ice Pops from A Girl Called Adri

Need some dessert ideas to cool you off too? I’m so struck by the gorgeous Watermelon Kiwi Ice Pops from A Girl Called Adri, which Adri chose because of their symbolic red color.

It’s worth reading more about the significance of the color red in African-American culture and celebrations, so check out this interview with food historian Michael W. Twitty.  While you’re at it, check out Adri’s absolute trove of keto and low-carb recipes, this one included!


Juneteenth Cookout: Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls | Butter Be Ready

These Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls from one of our favorite food blogs, Butter Be Ready, look divine, and they’ve hit the scene to grant us all permission to eat cobbler for breakfast.( From the bottom of my heart, thank you.) But I also think they would be great as a perfectly seasonal dessert at the end of a Juneteenth cookout. I’m all for skipping the low-carb recipes to indulge in this, but can you blame me?

If you want more from Quin after trying these, our editor Kate highly recommends her Crispy Honey Chicken.

Do your food blogger follows on Instagram and Pinterest look kind of homogenous? Every day is a good day to fix what the algorithms don’t do for us on their own, so add these terrific recipe-creators and writers to your feeds, stat. And Happy Juneteenth everyone!