Summer is in full swing, and we’re enjoying a bit of time with our families this week. We’re sharing the 10 most popular recipes, tips, tricks, and ideas that you may have missed. From lemonade stand tips to tasty store-bought popsicle recommendations to watermelon recipes (oh my!), we hope you love these the second-time around. (Or the first? We won’t tell!)

The best low-sugar popsicle brands to grab on your next grocery store trip. You’ll want to stock up. And then hide them from your kids so you can get one for yourself!

15 of the best camping recipes that make camping worth it. (Camping in the backyard totally counts, too)

The best simple camping recipes your whole family will love

Pulled pork English muffin sandwiches at The Adventure Bite | Pho Ramen at The Woks of Life | Espresso Honey S’mores at Cloudy Kitchen

And even more camping recipes. Seriously, y’all love camping recipes!

Do your kids need a permit for their lemonade stand? Maybe!

Plus, some fun lemonade stand recipes. Fun activity for a random Tuesday (or day that ends with “y” – ha)

Awesome watermelon hacks and clever serving ideas you have to try this summer | Cool Mom Eats

These watermelon hacks might blow your mind (or make you feel really smart if you already know them).

Miss this meal plan? Great recipes to get you through hot summer nights when you don’t want to be cooking.

Awesome grilling ideas for your next party! (Or just family dinner)

The best cuts of beef for a burger, from a butcher who knows such things!

Did you try these cicada ice cream sundaes? They blew up on our Instagram!

(Top image: Toby’s Ice Cream in Arlington, VA)