I am laughing so hard at these Cicada Ice Cream Sundaes, cleverly made by Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream in Arlington, Virginia. Next time I’m in the DC area I am 100% making a trip just for these. I mean, this is the Summer of the Cicada, right?

Couple that with the popular post-pandemic trend of eating all the things, backyard entertaining, and enjoying life, and…sign me up.

According to Toby’s Instagram, Cicada Sundaes are made of one scoop each of chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and cafe au lait ice cream, topped with chocolate sprinkles, 2 red M&M eyes, and waffle cone wings. They also caution that  you should “consume it before it consumes you!” so I wanted to be sure to get that important warning in.


The cicada ice cream sundae from Toby's Ice Cream in Arlington, VAImages: Toby’s Ice Cream


I imagine that if you’re not in the DC metro area, these would be easy enough to recreate at home for the kids using chocolate and coffee ice cream. Or if you’re me, a good dulce de leche for the tail. The best part is, you can make them any summer at all — no reason to wait another 17 years to try them again.

Note: Toby’s Cicada Sundaes are not made with actual cicadas, although evidently, some people enjoy eating them. I am not one of those people.

Thanks so much to Recipe Rescue Community member Brandy P for sharing this with us!