If you’re like me, you’ve got really good intentions when it comes to saving extra sauces, soups, and broth, which means you end up with plastic bags or containers in your freezer, and a bunch of mason jars in your fridge. Well, friends, there is a better, more efficient way, and it’s called Souper Cubes.

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These clever silicone freezing trays make it so easy to save the extras you’ve got, and help you reuse them without waste. Simply pour your soups, sauces, or broths into the trays, pop the top on them, then use the smaller portions when you need them – one cup of broth for a recipe, or a single portion meal, or a quick lunch (you get the idea).

This isn’t necessarily a new concept, especially if you made your own baby food and used trays like this to freeze it. But it’s one of those things that when you see it, you can think of a thousand ways to use it in your own kitchen – the make life a little easier and less wasteful. Yay!

Grab the gift set for lots of different sizes. Cool Mom Eat is a reward style affilate.