Normally, the mention of a banana daiquiri would make me wince, but this week I spied a recipe that has me curious. Craving, even. Like the Pina Colada recipes that we found earlier this summer, this banana daiquiri cocktail redefines what you expect from the resort staple. Instead of a frozen, overly-sweet confection overloaded with rum, it’s fresh, light and made with real banana. Imagine that! And, of course, it’s easy to make a virgin banana daiquiri, so that everyone can join the fun.

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Cocktail: Banana Daiquiri

Toast the weekend with a cravable Banana Daiquiri recipe that's nothing like the overly sweet kind served at resorts | Honestly Yum

I’ve already said so much about the Banana Daiquiri (above & top) at Honestly Yum. The only thing to add is that you should definitely make it (in case that wasn’t already clear), and you’ll need to plan ahead. Part of what makes this so good is that you infuse rum with fresh banana for 2-3 days.

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Mocktail: Virgin Banana Daiquiri

A delicious, fresh Frozen Banana Daiquiri recipe that you can easily make with or without rum | Food52

The Banana Daiquiri at Honestly Yum isn’t so easy to turn into a mocktail. In fact, it’s not very easy to make a fresh banana daiquiri without booze because, well, fresh banana either needs to be blended into the drink or used to infuse. Banana infused water or juice: not so much. So, instead, take the lime juice, simple syrup, and bananas you’ll use to make the cocktail version and throw them into a blender with ice and, if you want, coconut milk, too. You can use this recipe for Frozen Banana Daiquiris at Food52 for exact measurements—just skip the rum.