Here are some of our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too.


13 outrageously cool food art Instagram feeds.

10 rules and a plan to reform any picky eater. Well, anything’s worth a try, right?

Go ahead, give your toddler a knife. You know, to cook.

How to make an egg that looks exactly like the emoji.


Rainbow Doritos in partnership with the It Gets Better Project in support of LGBT youth

OMG! Rainbow Doritos made in partnership with the It Gets Better Project.

Pizza ice cream and the rest of summer 2015’s craziest ice cream novelties, ranked.

Everything on the walk-in menu at famed chef David Chang’s Fuku+, aka everything I want to eat stat. (Sorry non-New Yorkers.)

PETA says Whole Food’s pork is less humane than people think.


Pits and Pyramids built out of food by photographer Sam Kaplan

Pits and Pyramids by photographer Sam Kaplan pictures meticulous structures made out of cookies, candies and sandwiches.

Most fast food restaurants get a failing grade on antibiotic use in meat.

Inside Ingredients, a fascinating book about food additives, flavorings and colorings.

If you haven’t already, bookmark this: How to clean and deodorize lunch boxes using all natural products.