Despite appearances, we’re not big drinkers here at Cool Mom Eats. Some of us hardly drink, while others don’t drink at all. And the rest of us, well, we like the idea of drinking more than the reality of it. (Thank you, parenthood.) If ever there was a time to raise a glass, though, for those of us who imbibe, New Year’s Eve is it. Whether you’ve got older kids (or maybe the kids are sleeping at their grandparent’s house) and you can manage to stay up until midnight or you’ll be clinking your glass at 7 pm, these Champagne cocktails are a fun way to toast the new year.

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I admit that I was totally taken in by the gold sugar rim of the Blackberry Thyme Sparkler at The Effortless Chic (above), because sparkly things. It turns out that this New Year’s Eve cocktail has more to offer than just glitter appeal. A tasty combination of tart fruit, floral herbs, gin, and, of course, Champagne makes a very tasty sip. Okay, and it’s pretty with a gold sparkly rim, too.


We're loving this Winter Champagne cocktail for New Year's Eve | Style Within Reach

If you dig the idea of adding herbs to your drink, you should also check out this Winter Champagne Cocktail at Style Within Reach. The recipe is so simple that it’s explained in a single sentence. But don’t let that fool you. This drink delivers big flavor from just a handful of lovely winter ingredients.


Make a batch of homemade Angostura sugar cubes ahead of time, then this elegant Champagne cocktail is a cinch. Perfect for NYE! | Reclaiming Provincial

Making Homemade Angostura Sugar Cubes the way Carey at Reclaiming Provincial does is such a lovely idea and makes for the most simple, delicious Champagne Cocktail. You’ll need a mini silicone ice cube tray to make them (at least to make them as perfectly shaped as Carey), but that’s about as complicated as this gets. Then, you have a pretty pink cube to drop into a flute of champagne for a classy toast to a great year ahead.

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Bright and just sweet enough, just like we want the new year to be! Lychee French 75 Cocktail | Supergolden Bakes

The French 75 is a classic Champagne cocktail and we kicked off the holiday season with a fun twist on it earlier this month. The Lychee French 75 cocktail that we found at Supergolden Bakes is bright and just sweet enough, exactly how you want 2016 to be. The recipe calls for Prosecco, but Champagne is definitely the move on New Year’s Eve.


This Champagne Margarita is a super fun twist on fancy Champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve (or any celebration!) | 40 Aprons

If you like Champagne, but aren’t one for fussy drinks, try this genius Champagne Margarita at 40 Aprons. A tried-and-true drink (my favorite) with a splash of festive Champagne for New Year’s Eve? I’m in. Happy 2016!