You won’t hear us talking much about hangover remedies because, well, even those of us who enjoy drinking don’t do much of it. Pesky children, early mornings, and things like school lunch duty get in the way. But every once and a while, like on New Year’s Eve, we let loose. Even if it’s at 6 pm. (It still counts.)

If you’re like us and got crazy with cocktails last night (3 instead of 1—whoa!), these natural hangover remedies will help you recover. And, by the way, they do tired bodies good, even if you didn’t drink, but still managed to stay up past your normal bedtime which, let’s be honest, is probably not all that late.

Top: Cinnamon Pear Ginger Water at Smarty Had a Party | Yuriel Kaim’s Bonfire Cider | Lemon Ginger Infusion at One Hungry Mama

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Cinnamon Pear Ginger infused water makes a hydrating, natural hangover cure | Smarty Had a Party

You’re old enough to know that this would be our first suggestion, right? Hydration is the key to feeling better in nearly all ways. Under slept, hungover, ate too much, been too busy: flush out the bad feeling with water. Lots and lots of it.

If the thought of pounding water all day sounds as unappealing as last night’s cocktails, try this Cinnamon Pear Ginger Water that we found at Smarty Had a Party. It’s packed with great winter ingredients that are easy to get right now and the ginger helps give this infusion double hangover healing powers (see more below!).


Use water, lemon juice and peel, and fresh ginger to make a Lemon Ginger Infusion for a natural hangover remedy or cold buster | One Hungry Mama

People have been eating and drinking ginger to help ease nausea for centuries and, if you think it’s an old wives tale, I’m here to tell you that it saved me during two pregnancies with terrible (terrible!) morning sickness. It can really help and—bonus—has some immune boosting properties, too.

Grab some ginger candy while out today or use the fresh stuff to make this simple Lemon Ginger Infusion from my own site, One Hungry Mama.


Coconut water is a great natural hangover remedy. If you don't like the taste of it plain, try our favorite coconut water-based BodyArmor sports drink | Cool Mom Eats

Coconut Water
Coconut water is very high in electrolytes and potassium, which is what makes it so hydrating. If you’re hungover, it’s a sign that you need hydration. And if you have that shaky feeling, it’s a sign that you may need potassium in particular. Coconut water kills both birds with one healthy, uh, coconut.

Coconut water is more widely available at supermarkets than ever. If you don’t like the taste, though, look for one of our favorite BODYARMOR natural sports drinks, which are made using coconut water. You can also use plain coconut water to whizz up a hydrating smoothie. It can be added to any one of these 5 detoxifying smoothies that we rounded up last year after New Year’s Eve.

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Kombucha is said to make a killer natural hangover cure. If nothing else, it's really good for you! Learn how to make it at home from Tracy of Shutterbean

I admit that I can’t recommend kombucha as a hangover cure from personal experience, but the Internet swears by it. And, while the Internet isn’t always right (far from it!), I tend to think the suggestion has legs. Kombucha is packed with vitamins (including vitamin B, which alcohol depletes), probiotics, and liver cleansing nutrients. And, if it doesn’t work, it’s still really good for you. No harm, no foul.

DIY kombucha is all the rage. Well, at least Tracy at Shutterbean makes it and we love her. If you’re interested in the idea of brewing some, check out her great post on how to make kombucha at home. If that’s way more than you want—or you just need it today—you’ll need to hit a natural foods store. This stuff needs time to ferment, so the homemade kind will have to be for your next bender.


Apple cider vinegar is a liver detoxifier, which makes it a good natural hangover remedy. Turn it into this Bonfire Cider and fight colds with it, too! | Yuriel Kaim

Apple Cider Vinegar
Drinking cider vinegar has become almost as popular as kombucha! It can be rough going down, but it’s so good for you and apparently makes a liver detox when combined with fresh lemon juice and water.

While mixing up your liver detox drink, you can also make a big batch of Yuriel Kaim’s Bonfire Cider that Kate found. Keep it on hand for those hangovers and also to help you ward off  winter colds.