Yup, it’s the first Friday after New Year’s Day and we’re going there with a green juice cocktail recipe and a mocktail, too. Healthy eating is on the mind, but we still love ending the week with a cocktail or mocktail (or two), so we’re bringing the two together. Because we’d like to think that the juice will offset our alcohol intake and, in the case of mocktails, our sugar intake, too.

And, yes, we’re sticking to that. Cheers!

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Cocktail: Green Margarita

We’ll pretty much take anything mixed into Margartias, we love them so much. Still, this Green Margarita at Food Network (above) is far from a concession. The Super Green Juice used in this recipe is packed with plenty of citrus, apple, and cucumber, all of which have a fresh flavor perfect for making Margaritas. And then some dark leafy greens, too, for good measure—and to justify a second drink?


Mocktail: Minty Kale Limeade Mocktail

Turn green juice into a totally sippable mocktail with this Minty Kale Limeade Mocktail | immaEATthat
What turns a juice into a mocktail? Kylie at immaEATthat figured it out! You get the benefits of kale juice (the good for you part) mixed with classic mocktail ingredients that make this Minty Kale Limeade Mocktail festive, a little sweet, and bubbly, too. If you ever had a hard time getting the kids to sip on green juice—or committing to it yourself—this recipe might just be the ticket.