My kids aren’t the only ones who love Easter candy. From Cadbury Eggs to Peeps—and everything in between—I’m a sucker for Easter basket sweets. The only downside to this is that I buy lots of candy to ensure Easter basket variety and am left with lots of leftover candy that ends up sitting for a year, during which time it gets too melty and old to use again. So this year, I have a new plan thanks to these leftover Easter candy recipes. Instead of needlessly stashing leftovers, I’m going to do what I do best: Get cooking.

These recipes will be keep the festivities—and sweets—going just a little bit longer this year which, of course, my kids will love. And, you know, anything in the name of reduced food waste. (See what a good citizen I am? Ha!)


Wondering how to use all that leftover Easter candy? Bunny Bark! So easy and you can always freeze some for later on | Sally's Baking Addiction

The number one thing that I love to make with any leftover seasonal candy is chocolate bark, because candy on chocolate, of course! This Bunny Bark at Sally’s Baking Addiction is super fun and the recipe comes with a tutorial video that’s helpful if you’ve never made bark before (don’t worry: it’s easy!). One of the best things about this treat is that you can store pieces in the freezer so that there’s time to recover from the Easter basket sugar rush before you crete a second (and third!) sugar high.


The easiest—and best ever—leftover Easter candy recipe: Peeps S'mores | Domestic Superhero

Peeps S’mores | Domestic Superhero

One of our editors, Kate, wisely recommends these Peeps S’mores that she found at Domestic Superhero as an Easter Day treat, which I love. The only problem is that I like eating Peeps straight up on the day of. But the day after Easter—and the days after that—yes, please. I’ll take 5.


A leftover Easter candy recipe to die for: Double Chocolate Easter Candy Doughnuts | The Recipe Rebel

Hey, now! By now you guys know how much I love a great baked donut recipe and these Double Chocolate Easter Candy Doughnuts at The Recipe Rebel might take the cake or, er, donut. These look insanely delicious and I love that the recipe is totally useable even after all the Easter candy is gone.


Finally! A way to use up all those jelly beans! The most useful of all leftover Easter candy recipes: Jelly Bean Donuts. Like funfetti donuts, but better. | Melanie Makes

Yes, more donuts. You can use this Jelly Bean Donuts recipe at Melanie Makes to finally, once and for all, get rid of all the jellybeans. Woo hoo! This batter couldn’t be easier to make and turns out a funfetti-looking donut that’s very simple to make and very fun to eat. And no worries if you don’t have a donut pan: Turn them into muffins by simply adjusting the cook time.

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Put extra candy to work in this Easter Candy Cookie, out favorite leftover Easter candy recipe | The Kitchen Magpie

When in doubt, throw it (whatever it is!) in a cookie batter. This is my motto when it comes to leftover candy or party treats, even including salty pretzels and potato chips. These Easter Candy Cookies at The Kitchen Magpie are a great example of how you can take Easter goodies and make them even goodier. That’s right: These are worth a new word of their own.


It's not all about baking with this easy leftover Easter candy recipe. Instead, make a sundae! Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream Sundae | The Hedge Combers

If you don’t feel like baking even the simplest cookie, it’s ice cream to the rescue! This insanely delicious looking Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream Sundae at The Hedge Combers is simple business. They suggest melting a couple of the chocolates with golden syrup to make an ice cream sauce, but you can substitute honey, syrup, or corn syrup, since it’s just to help along the melting process. Or skip the sauce altogether and use regular chocolate sauce, saving all the Creme Eggs for the ultimate sundae topping.


The mother of all leftover Easter candy recipes: Cadbury Creme Egg Cake. Whoa! And, hey, if you don't want to make the whole thing, just make the Creme Egg frosting for a pan of brownies | Liv for Cake

Speaking of Cadbury Creme Eggs, there’s no way that I can skip this Cadbury Creme Egg Cake at Liv for Cake, because look at it! I fully admit that the idea of baking a multi layer cake after a holiday weekend filled with food and candy is absurd, but this is just too crazy good looking not to share. And, hey, you can always make the Creme Egg Buttercream for something more simple, like a pan of brownies or tray of cupcakes (that you can make with store-bought mix if you need to). Like how I think?

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We love a great no-bake treat and this leftover Easter candy recipe is no exception: No-Bake Malted Cheesecake Cups | Sift and Whisk

Okay, back to reality. These No-Bake Malted Cheesecake Jars at Sift and Whisk are on the top of my list of treats to make with leftover Easter candy, because, well, it’s a no-bake recipe that looks amazingly delicious. I mean, there’s no way that this easy dessert using Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs can go wrong—even if you substitute another chocolatey candy.