These are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them too.


The victims of Louisiana’s devastating floods need food—especially formula and baby food—and these organizations are helping get it to them. (Above: Danielle Blount feeding her three-month old baby; photo Max Becherer for the AP via the NY Times)

What Olympians eat, by sport.

Also, the only  U.S. male weightlifter in Rio is vegan.

The mufgel. Just, ew.

The folks at Thrillist taste-tested Swedish Fish Oreos so that you don’t have to. (Hint, hint.)


Brilliant! Biodegradable packaging for beer that actually feeds marine wildlife.

Yes! This biodegradable beer packaging actually feeds marine wildlife.

We’re up for the device-free dinner challenge. (Are you?)

We can’t get enough of this clever app for food labels. For real; it’s addictive.

An app that just might eliminate food waste.


Hilarious: what Guy Fieri would look like without his signature hair.

Hilarious: What Guy Fieri would look like without his signature hair.

Are expiration dates bogus?

The breakfasts this dad makes for his daughter with food allergies are incredible.

Yeah, we think we’ll just risk the soggy buns. Thanks, though.