I’m a big fan of eggnog, but with eggs, cream, whole milk and sugar, it’s no joke. Especially if you make yours boozy the way that I like to make mine. So, yea, it’s a once a year treat in my house, which is too bad given how much the kids and I love the flavors. That’s why I’m so excited about this recipe for an Eggnog Smoothie at ChopChop, our favorite cooking magazine and online resource for kid chefs.

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We're loving this easy -- and healthy! -- recipe for Eggnog Milk, which the kids can make themselves. Serve it hot or cold for a healthy alternative to the real thing. | ChopChop magazine

Their Eggnog Smoothie recipe became so popular that, this year, ChopChop also published a recipe for Eggnog Milk, which has none of the raw eggs and all of the holiday flavor that you need to get your fix even easier. Like the-kids-can-make-it easier. And because it’s just spiced milk, it can be served warm too.

If you want a cold refresher, though, I say that a combination of the two are in order. Make a batch of Eggnog Milk and use it to whip up an Eggnog Smoothie. To make sure that the milk doesn’t thin the smoothie too much, reduce the yogurt by half and add only two ice cubes—then adjust ingredients from there.

Experimenting will be worth it for all that eggnog deliciousness. Especially if you have the kids do all the work. After all, that’s what ChopChop intends, and who are we to mess with a good thing?