I admit it: I refer to our family kitchen as my kitchen. And then I wonder why my kids aren’t more helpful with the cooking.


My boys have been cooking alongside me for ages, but now that they are getting older, I want them to be more autonomous.

Well, I can tell you how not to get them to do more on their own: by asking over and over. And over.

So instead, I’ve decided to shut up and let the kitchen do the talking. In a way.

Believe it or not, I used my Brother P-touch label maker to help get my kids in the kitchen. It does the talking -- which is way funnier than my nagging and reminders! | Cool Mom Eats

I grabbed the P-touch D210 label maker from Brother — our latest sponsor — and started printing out reminders and nudges that help the boys take ownership in the kitchen when it comes to packing their own lunches, helping prep dinner, choosing good snacks on their own, and even remembering to clean up when they’re done.

Turns out, my awesome trick has been pretty effective so far!

Probably because the labels are funnier than I am, and say things in 14 playful fonts with over 600 fun symbols that can be printed on super durable tape — not in an irritated voice FOR THE 100th TIME.

Feel free to steal my idea, by the way. It works!

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Tips for how to get kids in the kitchen: Label your child's lunch box so that they can easily pack school lunch on their own! Get the rest of our smart tips at Cool Mom Eats

Label lunch boxes or bentos with the elements of a healthy lunch and kids can pack their own!
Because bread + crackers + chips = not balanced.

How to get kids in the kitchen: Label their lunchbox foods so that they can pack their own school lunches. Get the rest of our smart parenting tips at Cool Mom Eats

Group and label foods in the fridge so that kids can pack their own healthy lunches, mixing and matching from each category.

Tips for how to get kids in the kitchen: Create a spot in your cupboards for their stuff, that they can use at will. Get the rest of our 7 smart parenting tips at Cool Mom Eats.

Create a space for the kids to put their own — unbreakable — dishes and kitchenware.

Tips to encourage kids to cook more on their own: Label foods that they can make on their own with prompts that help them use them in a well-balanced way. Get the rest of our 7 smart parenting tips at Cool Mom Eats

You know, just in case they need reminders of the other healthy options we’ve got for snacking.

Tips for how to get kids in the kitchen: Label foods that they can cook with so that they use them correctly without you having to constantly be over them. Get the rest of our 7 smart parenting tips at Cool Mom Eats

Remind kids how to use ingredients or condiments — as in, how not to overuse them.
Psst, this works as a reminder for me too. Especially with butter.  

How to get kids in the kitchen? Check out our tips for how we stopped nagging and got the kids to take more control of their own cooking and food prep. | Cool Mom Eats

Organize your pantry and use labels to differentiate between all-the-time snacks, once-in-a-while snacks, and ask-Mom-first desserts. 

Our favorite parenting tips to encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen: Remind them of kitchen rules using labels -- so you can keep your mouth shut. Get the rest of our tips at Cool Mom Eats

A good reminder of how seriously I take clean-up duties! And since Brother P-touch labels are water-resistant, fade-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, I plan on adding more reminders everywhere I see a mess.

Or then will my labels be nagging too?

Brother P-touch labels: Our secret to an organized kitchen that the kids can navigate on their own | Cool Mom Eats
Buy the Brother P-touch PT-D210 to help make getting kids in the kitchen a whole lot easier and way more fun, especially for them.  Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to use and set up, which means that my boys are obsessed with making their own labels too. Mostly just to taunt each other.