Like most kids, my girls love single serving yogurt drinks. And while I love the convenience of throwing them into their lunch boxes for a protein packed addition, I don’t love the cost. One four-pack of organic yogurt drinks — which I purchase weekly — costs nearly $5!

Plus, I can’t help feeling guilty about throwing so many little plastic bottles into the garbage. (Sadly, my town doesn’t recycle #5 plastic.) So when I found Laura Fuentes’s easy DIY Yogurt Drink recipe on her blog Fresh Living, I had to try it and see if it passed muster with my girls.

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DIY Yogurt Drink recipe: What’s in it?

The ingredients for a DIY Yogurt Drink recipe are basically the same as for a smoothie: milk, yogurt, your favorite fruit, and honey or maple syrup for sweetness. The primary difference is the milk to yogurt ratio. Adding a lot more milk — cow’s milk or a plant based variety — makes the recipe “drinkable” rather than a thick smoothie consistency. You also add less fruit than in a traditional smoothie.

To give Laura’s recipe a test run, I used frozen blueberries, which I always have in my freezer, Greek-style yogurt for plenty of protein, cow’s milk, and honey. With nothing more than a quick whirl in the blender and a chill in the refrigerator, my DIY Yogurt Drink was ready to sip.

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DIY yogurt drink recipe

DIY Yogurt Drink recipe: Did it pass the taste test?

While Laura’s DIY Yogurt Drink recipe scored a thumbs up for flavor — the honey was key — my daughter wasn’t a huge fan of the consistency. Unlike the store bought yogurt drinks, this homemade version comes out frothy and not perfectly smooth. Also, if it sits, the ingredients start to separate. It’s nothing that a stir or quick shake can’t fix, but keep this in mind if you pack this in school lunch. The right container — one with a seriously reliable seal — is essential.

In the end, I’m planning on playing with the recipe a bit. A little less milk might make the consistency just right (fingers crossed) and, even if not, this makes a great, fresh breakfast drink on days when we want something other than a smoothie. Plus, given the cost savings and the fact that this is free of all preservatives and additives, this recipe is more than worthwhile.