Whether your kid has severe nut allergies or is just in a nut-free classroom at their school, it can be tricky to find tasty snacks for their lunch box or after school that don’t involve peanut butter or nuts of some kind. But we’re here to help! I’ve rounded up seven easy, yummy nut-free snack recipes that all of our kids crave — and that fill them with enough energy to hit the playground and finish their homework without more snacking in between.

Top: Nut-Free Snack Mix | Citinutritionally

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Nut-free snack recipes: Raisin, Banana and Oatmeal bites at Living Sweet Moments

One of my favorite go-to snacks for the kids are homemade energy bites, which are basically little round granola bars. The problem is, almost every recipe I’ve tried includes nuts. This one, though, for Raisin, Banana, Oatmeal Bites at Living Sweet Moments, makes it work without nuts, which is great for kids with allergies…or just those who want to switch up their regular routine.


Nut-free snack recipes: Mixed Berry Fruit Leather at Kleinworth & Co

If the last thing your kids need after school is a big jolt of sugar (ahem, looking at my own back seat), try this Mixed Berry Fruit Leather at Kleinworth & Co. Homemade fruit-rollups for the win! Plus, once you get the hang of this recipe, you can easily customize it with your kids’ favorite fruit flavors. So easy.


Nut-free snack recipes: School Lunch Box popcorn at Whole Food Simply

This recipe for School Lunch Box Popcorn at Whole Food Simply adds a little extra flavor to that plain bag of microwave popcorn. It’s just a little bit sweet, without giving them that late-afternoon sugar crash we all dread.

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Nut-free snack recipes: Fruit and Cheese Skewers at Culinary Hill

This idea for Cheese and Fruit Skewers at Culinary Hill is so simple, but so smart. Because all food tastes better on a stick, right? Our kids think so, at least.


Nut-free snack recipes: Pizza Toast at Baker Mama

The fun Pizza Toast recipe at The Baker Mama might be a super-sized snack for your kids, but it’s so easy that we won’t count it as one. This is perfect for satisfying those after-school munchies, when dinner is still a way off in the future.


Nut-free snack recipes: Nut-Free Snack Mix at Citinutritionally

I’m planning to make a big batch of this Nut-Free Snack Mix at Citinutritionally to keep on hand for lunch boxes or after-school snacks all week long. And, if this flavor combo doesn’t get you excited, follow our directions for DIY Trail Mix and simply keep out the peanuts and tree-nuts. Our editor, Stacie, gives some fantastic flavor combination ideas!