Costco trips bring out my procrastination tendency in a big way. I love the discounts and seemingly endless quantities of home goods, but schlepping them through the airplane-hangar-sized store? That’s a different story. So I was pumped to learn that Costco is now offering same-day or two-day delivery, which means that I can put off going to the physical store, well, forever.

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Of course, same-day delivery comes at a premium. It’s available through Costco’s partnership with Instacart, which will charge you a 10% service fee, plus mark up the price of each item by 15 to 17%. That means, at the end of the day, you’ll be paying quite a bit more for your industrial-sized bag of Pirate’s Booty.

You can also opt for two-day delivery, which is free with a couple of stipulations: it’s only available for non-perishables (bye-bye, sheet cake) and your order has to total $75 or more. But considering I’ve never left Costco with a bill under three digits, and it’s usually a plan-ahead trip anyway, it sounds like a pretty great bargain to me.

Especially for someone dangerously close to running out of La Croix.

Check out Costco’s website to find out if delivery is available in your zip code. 

Top photo: Costco Canada via Twitter