I wasn’t sure how much I’d use my Instant Pot when I first bought it at a black Friday sale, but now it’s a near-permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. So, like with any fling that turns into a long-term relationship, it’s time for the Instant Pot gets its own drawer in my bedroom, er, I mean kitchen. Here are all the fantastic Instant Pot accessories that I’ll fill it with to make using my favorite kitchen appliance even faster and easier.

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Must-have Instant Pot accessories: Silicone mitts | Cool Mom Eats

Silicone mitts

Lifting the steaming-hot Instant Pot insert by its tiny metal lip is my least favorite part of using the electric pressure cooker, probably because I’ve gotten burned a few too many times. So I’ve got my eye on these waterproof silicone mitts. Or try some silicone barbecue gloves that offer even more dexterity and aren’t limited to just the Instant Pot.

Must-have Instant Pot accessories: Extra sealing rings that help you keep track of sweet and savory cooking | Cool Mom Eats

Extra plastic sealing rings

The first time I made yogurt in my Instant Pot (because, yes, I make yogurt now that it’s so easy), I kept wondering why I was tasting distinct notes of curry — definitely not an ingredient I’d added. It turns out that I’d forgotten to clean the plastic sealing ring that insulates the Instant Pot, which happens to absorb the flavors of whatever you last cooked.

Even if you do thoroughly clean your rings, they can get funky pretty fast if you use your pot frequently. So buy a few replacements for when that happens; I like these smart colored Instant Pot Sealing Rings that can help you keep sweet and savory separate.

Must-have Instant Pot accessories: Tempered glass lid -- and our other favorite finds | Cool Mom Eats

Glass lid

If you ask me, there’s something satisfying about watching food cook, especially while sipping a glass of wine. So I love that you can buy an Instant Pot glass lid (the glass is tempered!). Of course, you can’t use it with the pressure cooker setting, but you can pop the glass lid on the insert and stick it in the fridge to store leftovers. No tupperware required.

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Must-have Instant Pot accessories: Instant Pot cake pan -- and tons of other great finds | Cool Mom Eats

A cake pan

I keep seeing amazing-looking Instant Pot dessert recipes, but the need for a springform cake pan has kept me on the sidelines. Not anymore! I’m thrilled to have discovered that you can buy an Instant Pot-sized pan for $12! I’m ready for you, Instant Pot chocolate lava cake.

Must-have Instant Pot accessories: OXO silicone steamer and so much more! | Cool Mom Eats

Silicone steamer basket

I’m a big fan of multi-purpose cooking tools that save space, so if I can buy something that will work for my Instant Pot and other cookware, I’m sold. Our CME editor, Stacie, swears this OXO silicone steamer, which works in the Instant Pot and beyond.


Must-have Instant Pot accessories: Pop culture decals | Cool Mom Eats

An awesome decal

Like I said, my Instant Pot spends a lot of time on my kitchen counter, so why shouldn’t it also make me laugh? Check out this list of amazing pop culture decals or these clever ones to see which belongs on your IP — or maybe even in a holiday gift box for an Instant Pot-loving family member.