I always think food and drink make the best holiday gifts, but 24 food and drink gifts? Now you’re speaking my love language. And you don’t even have to wait until the big day. See, friends, I’m talking about food advent calendars — and some boozy ones too — my new favorite Christmas tradition.

We’ve got candy advent calendars for the kids, truffle calendars for the gourmands, and boozy calendars for all the stressed out parents who are also counting down the days until it’s all over.

Grab one of these to make your sleigh ride into Christmas a little tastier.

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Food and drink advent calendars: Twelve Nights of Wine | VineBox

I love everything about this Twelve Nights of Wine at VineBox, from the variety of wine to the individually portioned containers. I wish that it came with 24 vials instead of 12, but hey, there’s no law that says you can’t order two. It’s Christmas, right?


Food and drink advent calendars: Tea Advent Calendar | Williams Sonoma

Of course tea drinkers get the most gorgeous design on this Tea Advent Calendar at Williams Sonoma. If there’s a tea lover in your life with a vintage aesthetic and unending appetite for Earl Grey, this is the gift.


Food advent calendars: Truffle Advent Calendar | Moonstruck Chocolate Co.


I like to support independent chocolatiers, and am grateful that Moonstruck Chocolate Co. makes it so easy with their gorgeous Truffle Advent Calendar. Because this snow-laden, chocolate-filled mini cottage is giving me all the cozy feels.

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Food advent calendars: Asda Cheese Advent Calendar | So Wrong It's Nom

I was devastated to learn that this Asda Cheese Advent Calendar is currently only available in the UK, but committed cheese lovers can use this DIY Cheese Advent Calendar tutorial at So Wrong It’s Nom to make their own. (Fun fact: It’s what actually inspired the product; #bloggergoals, right?) It’s a pretty involved process, to be honest, but for those of us who can’t live without a cheese advent calendar now that we’ve seen it, it might be worth the effort.


Food and drink advent calendars: Whiskey Advent Calendar by Drinks by the Dram at Master of Malt

An advent calendar full of whisky could easily be a gimmick, but not so with this Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram, which features curated fine whiskeys from all around the British Isles. Yes, please.


Food advent calendars: Jerky Advent Calendar | Man Crates

My husband never asks for much, so coming up with clever holiday gift ideas is always a challenge. But when I discovered Man Crates, I knew I’d turned a corner. He loved the first crate I gave him, so I have a feeling he’ll freak out over their Jerky Advent Calendar… even if he doesn’t have to open it with a crowbar like the original crate.

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Food advent calendars: Kids’ Candy Advent Calendar | Dylan’s Candy Bar

If your kids care more about a fun presentation than fancy gourmet treats, try this $14 Kids’ Candy Advent Calendar at Dylan’s Candy Bar, which lets you save your money for under-the-tree gifts for the big day.