If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet…go! Without getting into a 2,000 word review (you can see my summary on Instagram instead), it’s wonderful in every way. So much so, I’m looking forward a second screening, only this time with my kids, and this time at the Alamo Drafthouse near me in Brooklyn.

One of the reasons: Alamo’s Black Panther inspired menu.

If you have not yet experienced the joys of Alamo Drafthouse, it is sooooo worth it to spend a bit more on a rare night at the movies when you know you’ll get a comfy reserved seat, friendly waitstaff, an ad-free pre-roll, and that amazing menu, complete adult beverages and a rotating menu of specials themed to the latest big release.

Since we don’t know just what the traditional foods of Wakanda are (though day-um, it must be healthy since every single Wakandan looks like a supermodel or a superhero), the culinary team at Alamo looked to the same general region of East Africa to put together an Ethiopian-inspired menu of treats perfect for movie theater munching. Like a spiced popcorn blending chiles, garlic and ginger; a berbere-spiced plate of roasted chicken wings; and the treat I have my eye on: a savory-sweet African coffee and ginger-cinnamon spiced vanilla shake.

Booze optional.

(But get the booze.)

Kind of gives new meaning to dinner and a movie, right?

Ethiopian inspired spiced chicken wings on the Alamo Drafthouse Black Panther menu

Coffee-ginger shake inspired by Black Panther at Alamo Drafthouse

Even if you prefer more classic movie theater fare, Alamo has got that too, only better. I’ll take a bottle of cane-sugar natural cola and tray of delicious hot queso over some tray of congealed cheese-in-a-pack movie theater nacho imposters any day.

Check movie theater times at an Alamo Drafthouse near you — I order my tickets through the Fandango app and the reserved seating is a joy.