Thanks to the awesome folks at Food Diggity, it turns out that insanely realistic, huge personalized lollipops are a thing. Whoa. The Face Licker by Spun, available at Firebox, is a truly outrageous, highly personalized, massively huge treat. In fact, it’s life-size.


While we have covered personalized Instagram photo marshmallows and personalized photo cookies, this takes personalized edible gifts to a whole new level — and right in time for Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts too. Just send in a photo, answer a few questions, and get ready for awesomeness. The results aren’t 100% photo-realistic, but enough that you get the idea.

Be sure to order soon though,  because they need about 7-10 days to make them, then another 10 or so to ship to the US from the UK.

Personalized life-size lollipops by Spun UK: Cool personalized food gift!

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a parent who likes the idea of eating their own face (though I think my dad would love it!), in which case, you can also order it with a photo of a favorite celebrity.

Could I bring myself to lick Chris Hemsworth’s face? Indeed.

Find the Face Licker personalized lollipop by Spun from Firebox and order soon if you want to make Mother’s Day delivery! And be sure to watch the short video of Spun KU making the Face Lickers, which is pretty amazing.