I’m pretty picky about my coffee. If anyone offers to pick up a cup for me, I always annoyingly insist on texting them my order so they don’t get it wrong. (Double short EXTRA DRY cappuccino with coconut milk. And yes I always capitalize “extra dry” so the espresso/milk ratio is juuuust right.)

At home, I save my husband and kids from my coffee snobbery and make my own cup of joe because I know a bad hot beverage can ruin my whole day.

So how excited do you think I was when I saw the “Multi-ccino Mug with proportions of coffee, milk and water printed right on the glass?

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Multi-Cinno Mug helps you make exactly the perfect latte, cappuccino, machiato...you name it.

This genius mug was designed as a collaboration between the Museum of Modern Art and the School of Visual Arts in New York, and can guide anyone into making the perfect cappuccino, macchiato, cortado or other coffee drink. And by “anyone,” I mean a husband (mine) or kids (also mine) who might need a little guidance so they can make Mom a cup of coffee that’s juuuust right.

You can find the Multi-ccino Mug from the MoMA Store for $16 ($14.40 for museum members)