The release of the latest in the Star Wars franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story is about to take over the world, and that means it’s time to party. Liz and Kristen have already seen it and are giving it many thumbs up! But the price of movie theater food? Not so many thumbs up.

Soere are some fun treats you can whip up for a pre-film intergalactical gathering that pay tribute to our favorite Star Wars characters from the past, and some new ones you may be adding to your list.

Sorry, I wasn’t able to find a recipe for a delicious, irresistible cake decorated like Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian, but I’m still searching.

-Marsha and Liz

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Recipe for Han Solo's Chance Cubes from Jenn Fujikawa for the Star Wars website

Jen Fukijawa is our Star Wars-obsessed DIY hero, and she created this amazing recipe for the Star Wars website: Han Solo’s Edible Chance Cubes. They look impressive, but they’re essentially mini cakes with fondant frosting. And whoa, Instagram-worthy!

Chewbacca Noodle rolls by Jenn Fujikawa for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jenn also comes through for the light side — of Star Wars themed treats, that is — with this insane recipe for Chewbacca Noodle Rolls. Even though the film is rated PG-13, Wookiees of all ages can chomp down on these

Star Wars Treats: Stars Wars Macarons from Semi Sweet Designs

The only problem with these Star Wars Macarons from Semi Sweet is that they’re almost too cute to eat. These delectable, light cookies will be a hit with the littlest Star Wars fans but even more so with the adults. I I’d say just make all chocolate Chewbacca macarons if you’re celebrating Solo. (Sorry kids, R2D2 wasn’t around just yet.)

The post has a great lesson in the art of macaron making, but we won’t judge if you want to use macarons from your local bakery, then apply these magical Star Wars designs to them.

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Star Wars Treats: Storm Trooper Cupcakes from Motherhood Unfiltered

Han and the Storm Troopers have a long history and it’s not a good one. But who can resist a little Empire-themed deliciousness? These Storm Trooper Cupcakes from Motherhood Unfiltered are not only adorable times ten, but they’re a great introduction to the amazing things you can do with a food pen. (Who knew?) I love the simplicity of using marshmallows, white cake mix and white cake liners, and further on in the recipe she suggests using a candle in each cupcake as a lightsaber. OKAY, ADORABLE TIMES TWENTY.

Star Wars Treats: Tie Fighter Cookies from Celebrating Family

Tie Fighters make a big appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and these StarWars Tie Fighter Cookies from Celebrating Family are so simple, you can have the kids make them. And, save money on overpriced candy at the theater! With just some Oreo Crisps, cookie icing and mini-marshmallows, they’ll put together a whole fleet of these star fighters in no time. Sounds effects not included.

Tie Fighter cheese and crackers from

For something a little healthier, try these bite-size, cheesy Tie Fighter treats made easy, with this recipe we first shared in our Star Wars Force Awakens party ideas post. They hail from Disney’s own Star Wars website, and kids will fly more than a few of them into their mouths before it’s time for cake.

Star Wars The Force Awakens' Millennium Falcon jello treats from

And of course, the arguable star of Solo: A Star Wars Movie is the Millennium Falcon. You can honor the amazing space craft with some edible Millennium Falcon fighters made of Jell-O! The end result will be the coolest treat in the galaxy, and I bet you can make them in around 12 parsecs. That is, if you round down. (Solo humor, there. You’ll get it soon enough.)