When you’ve just spent a day (or more) slaving over pounds of homemade peanut brittle, putting your oven to task with dozens of your famous thumbprint cookies, or filling your counter with rows of perfect(ish) homemade truffles to give to various loved ones, I guess I feel like you’ve done enough already in the homemade gift department.

But then…well, then there’s the packaging. And the gift wrap. And if you’re really committed, a perfectly designed little gift tag.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for shortcuts in the gift wrap department — if not in the baking department too. Which is why I was so happy to discover our longtime friend and now TV celebrity crafter extraordinaire Robert Mahar has teamed up with Knock Knock on a brilliant little gift tag-making kit just for homemade food gifts.

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This Robert Mahar designed baking gift card and stamp kit makes homemade food gifts so much more clever -- and easy!

This baking gift tag stamp kit from Robert Mahar (of NBC's Makin' It) for Knock Knock makes homemade food gifts so much easier and more fun

The I Baked This gift stamp and tag kit includes a clever foodie stamp for your homemade food gifts (if you know Robert, you can totally hear him saying this!), then the ink pad, 16 tags, and cotton twine you need to put it together.

And by put it together, I mean hardly put it together at all. You’ll have a thoughtful, beautifully presented gift — and you didn’t even have to get out the hot glue gun.

Find the I Baked This gift stamp and tag kit by Robert Mahar for Knock Knock at their website or in a local gift shop near you.

Psst…if you haven’t heard our Spawned podcast interview with Robert Mahar about crafting with kids get to it. It’s wonderful.