Each year, so many parents looking out for kids with allergies want to know whether it’s true that Halloween fun-size or mini candies may contain nuts, even if the full-size candies are known for being nut-free.

Bad news: It’s true.

Even if a full-size candy is safe for kids with allergies, the fun-size or mini version may be processed in different factories, on different equipment that may be used to process food that does contain certain common allergens. And unfortunately, you won’t see that information on those tiny wrappers, because the warnings are usually included on the larger package they come in.

Though I never share food with kids without asking their parents first, I actually would have assumed all versions of the same candy were alike in terms of ingredients. And I would have been wrong, so I’m so happy I now know.

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Avoiding life-threatening food allergies is like avoiding pregnancy: the only way to be 100 percent safe is to abstain completely. But there are lots of great tips to help out the 1 out of ever 13 children with allergies so they can enjoy their Halloween too.

Check out info about The Teal Pumpkin Project, which helps kids with allergies enjoy non-food treats that don’t pose a health risk. We’ve got 24 wonderful non-candy Halloween treat ideas for parties or kids with allergies — and you can even mix them in with the candy to let kids choose, or have two totally separate bowls, one marked NO NUTS or similar.

Just be sure that you know for a fact that the candy is processed in a facility that doesn’t contain tree nuts. And that means triple check those bags of minis — and maybe take a look at Foodallergy.org for the most up-to-date lists of what’s safe and what isn’t.

Halloween candy is already a minefield for parents of kids with allergies to nuts, dairy, peanuts, egg, soy or gluten.  We’re all happy to make it easier for kids with allergies to enjoy the day too.