No sooner do we finish writing about ways you can buy a beer for a a furloughed federal worker during the government shutdown, but we’ve gotten another notification, this time from a big brand helping to feed DC-area families who could use the help right now without a paycheck.

Kraft, who you may better know making the best boxed mac n cheese (sorry but #facts) just announced they’ll be offering free groceries starting tomorrow, January 16, to federal government workers in the DC area. You can grab it at their pop-up on 4th St NE near Union Market, and it’s slated to remain open until January 20.

Just show a valid ID, and Kraft will send you home with a bag full of Kraft products. I don’t know exactly which, but I’m told that they should include Kraft branded products like Mac & Cheese (whoo!), Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Singles, and condiments like salad dressings, mayo and BBQ sauce.

In return, they only ask that you donate to a charity of choice or someone else in need if you’re able to do so at a later point.

I love that.

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Kraft Now Pay Later is Kraft's effort to provide free groceries to federal workers impacted by the government shutdown -- only asking for them to pay it forward one day when they can

Visit the Kraft Now Pay Later Facebook event page for more details about location and times, as well as a growing list of other pop-up food banks available to federal government employees in and around DC including Chef (and now, Nobel Prize nominee) Jose Andrés’s World Central Kitchen, which also opens tomorrow.

And hey, thanks to all the brands, marketers and other big-hearted people who are rallying to help hard-working federal workers and their families who are struggling without paychecks right now. They really don’t deserve this.