This past week at Toy Far 2019, there was clearly a trend of make-your-own candy and treat kits, and I’ll be sharing some favorites soon. But the one thing I couldn’t want to run back to share with our foodie fans: The new Sew-Your-Own Unicorn Cake Pillow craft kit from the craft kit geniuses at Klutz.

Based on the uber popular unicorn cakes that have basically devoured Instagram whole, this MYO pillow kit allows kids — or maybe you? — to sew your own version.

No sugar. No fat. No calories. No wrestling with fondant. And definitely no need to share with little siblings.

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Klutz sew-your-own unicorn cake pillow kit, coming soon from Klutz

Unicorn cake pillow from Klutz: Love this new craft kit!

We’ll keep you updated when the kit is available in the next few months. Because you know this is going to be the hot craft kit of the year — for anyone who’s totally mastered the unicorn cake. Or perhaps, someone who never ever will.