Leave it to my teen to find this Starbucks drink hack on TikTok that’s currently making the social media rounds with Starbucks-obsessed consumers everywhere.

Iced venti money-saving hack

  1. Order a tall iced drink. That’s a “small” for those of us not fluent in Starbucks.
  2. Ask for an iced venti cup full of ice.
  3. Pour the iced drink over the ice in the venti cup…voila. 24 oz. venti drink for the price of a tall.

Of course the big problem with this is that you’re getting two cups, which is really wasteful.

For that reason, I’d suggest these modifications:

1. Bring your own refillable venti tumbler (they sell them at Starbucks, as seen above) and ask them to fill that with the ice.

Starbucks hack: This will save you $2 on every venti iced drink you buy

2. Bonus points: Bring your own refillable tall tumbler and venti tumbler, and use both of those so you’re not using any one-time cups at all.

3. Alternative plan: Just ask for a no-ice venti drink in the first place. If it already comes cold you don’t need the ice.

4. Triple bonus point alternative plan: Bring your own reusable straw.

My daughter brings her metal straw everywhere (I mentioned it on a recent podcast episode of Spawned), and in fact the cashier at Chipotle was so impressed when she turned down the straw, he comped her guac this week. So…you could even get a cheaper venti and a cheaper meal out of the deal if you’ve got a fellow eco-conscious barista helping you. Win!

Top Image: @saracathrynn on TikTok