If you’re looking for some Halloween treats for a class party that won’t take you a week to plan and prepare, I’ve got you covered! As someone who will decidedly never take home the gold in a Royal Icing Piping Skills competition — and truly doesn’t have the time to do that kind of stuff even if I could — I’ve put together a few easy Halloween treat ideas that most of us can whip up without too much effort.

Of course, they’d be great for house parties, and bake sale fundraisers too. And the kids can even help.

I mean look, I don’t need to “Win Halloween.” But if I sign up for Halloween party treat duty, I want to put in just a wee bit more effort than handing out a few minis and calling it a day.

With that, I’ve put together some great class party treats for Halloween that are fun, easy, creative, and overall, fairly allergy-friendly or can be adapted as you need.

(Let’s keep all kids safe and included this Halloween, please!)

Of course if your school prefers non-edible Halloween class party treats we have you covered there too. But if you’re up for something delicious, on the spectrum from healthy to not-at-all-healthy but a whole lot of fun, take a look at these ideas.

Top image: Printable Halloween party treat bag by Lemonade Design Studio 

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1. Amp up an Oreo

Spooky and fun Oreo Halloween treats for kids! | Family Fresh Meals

If you haven’t yet seen our post on easy Halloween treats you can make with Oreos, it’s worth a look! It’s where Jane shared this genius spooky Halloween Oreo DIY from Family Fresh Meals. Frosting, edible eyes, and Oreos…done. That’s my kind of semi-homemade treat!

If you’re looking for those edible googly eyes, Wilton makes really affordable packs. Available at our affiliate Amazon, or a local craft store or baking supply shop.

2. Dunk a pretzel

Mummy Pretzels | Sheri Silver

Don’t put away those googly eyes just yet! (Like, at least until after Christmas.) I love these Pretzel Mummies created by Sheri Silver because they’re so easy — and combine my favorite flavor combo, salty + sweet.

3. Just add candy

Halloween Class Party Treats: Halloween Rice Krispie Treat variation from Crazy for Crust

Rice Krispy treats are a staple of classroom parties, because nearly everyone loves them, and they’re pretty allergy friendly. There are tons of variations on Halloween Rice Krispy Treats but I particularly love this one from Dorothy Kern at Crazy for Crust. It’s not only perfectly colorful for the occasion, but she offers advice about why your treats might be coming out too hard or too sticky, and shares a recipe with the perfect cereal-to-marshmallow ratio. It’s allll about the ratio, friends.

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4. Deconstruct s’mores

Printable halloween treat bags for class parties

The only thing easier than a semi-homemade party treat, is one you have the kids make themselves! I think this printable Halloween party treat bag from Lemonade Design Studio on Etsy is just pure cuteness. Grab a baggie, pop in a piece of chocolate, a marshmallow, a graham cracker and you’re done. You can tape or staple the folded bag topper to the baggie in a snap.

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5. Whip out a Sharpie

Easy healthy Halloween class party treats from Lil Luna: Just grab a sharpie!

Okay, so you want some healthy Halloween classroom snacks? Nothing could be easier than Lil Luna’s ideas for drawing a ghost face on (wrapped!) string cheese sticks, turning a tangerine or clementine into a jack-o-lantern, or even decorating a individual peach cups with clear packaging. Just add a Sharpie.

While the ghost string cheese idea is pretty ubiquitous around the inter webs (though still clever) I am grateful for Kristyn’s post in particular. Because unlike some other bloggers, she doesn’t bother to share a full “how-to” video with detailed instructions for…drawing eyes on a cheese wrapper.

I mean, give us a little credit? We mastered swaddling, I think we can figure this out too.

7. Put a stick in it

Easy Halloween treats for kids: Oreo Pumpkin Pops | Suburban Simplicity

For some reason, everything is more appealing to kids when it’s on a stick. Not like Oreos need any more “appeal” TBH, but I’m such a fan of these Oreo Pumpkin Pops. Erin at Suburban Simplicity even shares a simple hack to make the lollipop stick stay put in the Oreo. Check out the full — and very easy — tutorial at her site. And for more ideas like this one, be sure to check out our post on 7 Halloween treats for kids so easy they won’t scare away busy parents.