Grab your pen and grocery list, because next week’s meal plan is ready! We’ve found 5 great recipes that make smart use of your time in the kitchen. We have tips to stretch your cooking, so one session in the kitchen lasts for more than one recipe (whoo!). We also have some great vegetarian options and ideas to help with other dietary needs.

Happy eating, parents! Fingers crossed, your kids might even ask for seconds on these easy dinners.

At top: Indian-spiced roast chicken at Boozy Oyster; Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma Wraps at Inquiring Chef

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Weekly meal plan: Indian Spiced Chicken at Boozy Oyster

One of my most successful methods of introducing new flavors to my kids is to add new spices to familiar foods, and this Indian-spiced roast chicken at Boozy Oyster is a great example. Your kids will love the spicy, sweet Indian flavors…even if you have to let them dip it in ketchup to try it first. Make extra chicken, and you can use it in the shawarma wraps later this week.

Weekly meal plan: Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes at Celebrating Sweets

Mmm, how good do these melty Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes at Celebrating Sweets look? The recipe calls for ground beef but you could also use ground turkey or even “beefless” grounds for a vegetarian alternative that your kids probably won’t even notice. Serve with some fruit and chips for an easy, kid-approved dinner. And if you go ahead and cook up some extra beef while you’re at it, you can save it for the chili later this week.

Weekly meal plan: Chicken Enchiladas at Jernej Kitchen

Prep these Easy Chicken Enchiladas at Jernej Kitchen while the kids are napping or at school, then stick them in the oven at the last minute for a home cooked meal that feels like no work. If you want a meatless meal, just leave the chicken out and add extra beans or rice—so easy.

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Weekly meal plan: DIY Chicken Shawarma Wraps at Inquiring Chef

My kids love a DIY dinner, and these Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma Wraps at Inquiring Chef are perfect when you’re needing a quick, healthy meal. Everyone can use the ingredients they like and leave out the ones they don’t, and if you make the extra chicken earlier in the week you don’t even have to cook. Yay!

Weekly meal plan: Chili Con Carne at The Seasoned Mom

This Chili con Carne at The Seasoned Mom is great because the recipe includes instructions for the slow cooker or the stovetop — so you can let it simmer all day or pull it together last minute. And if you made extra ground beef earlier in the week, it’s that much easier. Add your favorite toppings, slather some butter on your cornbread, and invite friends to join you for dinner in.

Weekly meal plan: m&m Brookies at Lights, Camera--Bake

Ooh, a decadent and fudgy layer of brownies topped with a crunchy, m&m-laced layer of blondie make these m&m Brookies at Lights, Camera–Bake so good. Just bake these on a night when you’re having friends over…or you know you can deliver some the next day. Because, oof. These look like you could easily eat the whole pan.