I looked at the calendar this morning and…I couldn’t believe it’s mid-August. I swear it was just mid-March like yesterday.  And here we are, still feeding our families day in and day out,  despite our constantly changing plans and routines. Yay us!

On the other hand, so much feels monotonous right now. Which is why last week, I shared 5 really fun dinners for when we’re tired of all the cooking As for. this week’s meal plan, I put it together with the intent of keeping things fresh, but still practical. So let’s use up some of the amazing late summer produce we’re lucky to have!

And be sure to try that fun twist on pizza night. You know, just to keep the kids on their toes.

Top: Fried Green Tomato BLTs from theFeedFeed, Salad Pizza from What’sGabyCooking

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This Late-Summer Vegetable Soup from Martha Stewart has been a favorite recipe of mine for years.  I love how easy and delicious it is, especially on Meatless Monday.  This recipe also freezes super well, so I suggest doubling up the recipe and freezing half, so you have an easy lunch or dinner ready to go again in a few weeks.

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Zucchini and tomatoes are *chef’s kiss* so good right now. I’m downright giddy about this recipe for Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Sausage from The Kitchn. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to use my two favorite summer vegetables. If you are lucky enough to have a garden that yielded monster zucchini this year, use them for this recipe, then cut it up into sections to serve.

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Have you had a Fried Green Tomato? Yes, like the awesome movie. (Tawanaaaaaa!) They are one of the most wonderful summer treats, and I can eat an entire plate of them myself. Give them a try using his recipe for Fried Green Tomato BLTs from theFeedFeed, which makes for a more well-rounded dinner for the family than you know, just eating them off a plate. I set all of the sandwich fixings in the middle of the table and let everyone make their own. Be sure to wash it all down with some homemade sun tea and you have a perfect, easy summer dinner.



My parents’ garden is overflowing with all sorts of wonderful lettuce right now, and I am the grateful recipient of this bumper crop. My teens get a bit tired of eating “regular” salad, so throwing it on top of a pizza is a wonderful way to change things up — and one of the recos in our suggestions for recipes to make with August produce in season. This Salad Pizza from What’s Gaby Cooking is so yummy and so versatile!  I don’t always have time to make my own pizza dough — all that pandemic bread baking not withstanding — so feel free to use my trick by buying naan bread and making individual pizzas for everyone right on top. Last week, I also threw some pancetta on top along with the cheese and it was a huge hit.



Summer = hot dogs round here, and it’s always fun to torment my ketchup-and-mustard-only-husband with all of the creative hot dog toppings I come up with for the family. When I saw this recipe for Pizza Dogs from Meghan, the co-host of Didn’t I Just Feed You (with our own former editor Stacie Billis), I raced to try it out. It is so easy and so freaking delicious, as promised. Pizza night and hot dog night combined? That’s a big parenting win during the summer of Covid.

Bonus: Make some time to have fun with your family this week, even if it is as simple as toasting up some s’mores over a fire pit in the backyard or even your gas grill. or heck, your stovetop if you don’t have outdoor space. As we head into this fall, there are a lot of unknowns for all of us. Food is an excellent excuse to gather everyone together and laugh and talk and ease some of the stresses we are all feeling.

Especially s’mores.

I put these weekly meals plans together based on recipes I am actually cooking for my family, and with you in mind.  If you have suggestions, tips or recommendations for recipes or other food bloggers I should check out, please comment here, or shoot me a message in our Recipe Rescue group on Facebook.  – Lisa