Gazpacho is one of our favorite go-to dinners for hot summer nights because it’s cool, it’s easy, and it’s sooo good. Add a salad — or maybe grilled cheese for the kids — and you have a satisfying, lighter dinner with very little work. Plus, gazpacho is the the perfect make-ahead dinner, since the longer the soup chills,  the better the flavors blend together.

Of course not all gazpacho recipes are created equal, so I want to share a few of our favorites to offer a few different takes on the classic.

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3 gazpacho recipes to keep on hand: Authentic Spanish gazpacho at Spain on a Fork

For authentic gazpacho in minutes…

Albert Bevia’s authentic Spanish gazpacho recipe from Spain on a Fork is made with basic ingredients in a blender in about 15 minutes. You literally just chop everything, drop it in the blender, and let it run for 5 minutes. Done!

It’s simple and smooth — more like a cold, refreshing tomato soup than some of the chunkier gazpacho recipes, but even Liz swears by the blender version, which her Spanish neighborhood friends serve whenever they entertain. So, yes, it’s authentic! Top with some oil and chopped onions and you’re done.

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3 gazpacho recipes to keep on hand: Chunky quick gazpacho at The Suburban Soapbox

For an easy gazpacho requiring no heavy equipment…

This chunky gazpacho recipe at The Suburban Soapbox isn’t the most authentic,  but it is quick and easy and will give you that cool summer soup satisfaction you may be craving right now. I’m also drawn to the fact that it’s a “clean out the fridge” type of recipe which is always good for the end of the week.

This gazpacho uses tomato juice as the base, which means you don’t have to chill it after it’s prepared, provided you’re working with cold tomato juice. Plus you just stir everything up — no food processor or blender needed. I think of it as a simplified shortcut gazpacho that’s perfect for a quick weeknight dinner. Stove off.

3 gazpacho recipes to keep on hand: Black Gazpacho at The View from Great Island

For a gourmet take on gazpacho that impresses…

If you feel like spending a little more time in the kitchen and want to change the flavor profile of classic gazpacho, Sue from The View from Great Island found inspiration from her own fire-roasted salsa recipe, and used the flavors in this unique Black Gazpacho.

Its base is a blend of tomato and tomatillo, and it calls for broiling the veggies — tomatoes and three different kinds of peppers — to give them that distinctive blackened flavor. Even with that extra step, it’s still under 30 minutes to prepare and keeps in the fridge so you can savor it all week. And if you’re in social distance backyard potluck mode, be sure to make enough for second servings. They’ll go fast.