This is the first week I’ve worn a sweater all day, so it’s starting to feel like fall, even down south where I live.  We’re ready for chili dinners and fires in the fireplace — which is nicer than thinking about the long winter of social distancing that lies ahead of us. But finding some great comfort food recipes is a good start. And helps me focus on something positive for my family. so I’m planning to make these easy meals this week because my whole family enjoys them all. t

So get your grocery list ready, because next week’s meal plan is ready!

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Weekly meal plan: Turkey Chili at Give It Some Thyme

My favorite quick, no-hassle dinner when the weather starts to cool is chili, and I’m thinking this Three-Bean Turkey Chili recipe at Give It Some Thyme is the perfect meal to let simmer all day. If you want a vegetarian option, just leave the turkey out and maybe add an extra can of beans. I love to serve mine with baked potatoes on the side, too.

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Weekly meal plan: Chicken Pot Pie at Garden in the Kitchen

This Skillet Chicken Pot Pie from Garden in the Kitchen looks easy, wonderful, and sooooo comforting. I like Silvia’s point that comfort foods like this help us get back into a routine as summer rolls to a close, transitioning into back-to-school time — even if that’s from home this year. And if we could all use one thing as parents, I think it’s a little more routine in our lives.


Weekly meal plan: Pear and Ginger Pork Chops at Killing Thyme

Apples have cornered the market on pork chop accompaniments for a long time, so I like the idea of this recipe for Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Pear and Ginger Sauce from Killing Thyme. It’s a sweet, fruity alternative that keeps what works about the classic. Plus, that sweet and tangy sauce makes it a hit with my kids too.


Weekly meal plan: Vegan Meatball Subs at Nora Cooks

This dinner could not be easier: Vegan Meatball Subs using a recipe from Nora Cooks. We love that it’s fun (no utensils!) and her meatballs are chickpea-based, almost like a twist on a falafel recipe. Of course, you could also use regular meatballs. Whatever is comfort food for your family, go with that one.

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Weekly meal plan: Cast Iron pizza at The Food Cafe

Friday night is pizza & a movie night at our house, and I love the idea of making our own together before we settle in for the show. It’s so easy, and we’ve shared so many great ideas for pizza toppings to help keep it interesting each week. To change things up even more, try this Sausage and Pepperoni Cast-Iron Pizza recipe at The Food Cafe. It’s calling my name, because yum. I imagine that crust will turn out perfectly in my cast iron skillet, and if you don’t have one…get one! In the meantime, you can absolutely bake this crust using a cake pan. Whatever keeps it fun, easy, and comforting, that’s the way to go this week