Despite my commitment to be healthier this year, I’m going to cave and buy some Girl Scout cookies, because another resolution I’ve made is to spread goodness as much as possible. When I was reminded that I can buy Girl Scout cookies online to support troops comprised of girls experiencing homelessness, that seemed like a terrific way to do something positive for others, while surprising my kids with a little treat, too.

Right now, you can order Girl Scout cookies online from New York City’s Troop 6000, which serves thousands of girls living in NYC’s shelter system.

Consider how the Covid-19  pandemic and the closing of schools has impacted the 100,000 children in the NYC public school system who lack permanent housing — that’s about one-tenth of all public school students — and you might want to double (or triple) that order.

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How to order Girl Scout cookies from troops experiencing homelessness in your area.

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It’s not just New York; cities all across the country have troops made of up girls experiencing homelessness, and you can order online to support those too. In fact, my hometown of Nashville has its own Girl Scout Troop 6000, dedicated to girls living in low-income or temporary living spaces.

In fact, why not order a dozen boxes or so. Thin Mints freeze really well.

Also, you can pulse a sleeve of them in a food processor with 2 tablespoons of melted butter, then press the mixture into a pie plate as a crust. Fill it with raspberry sorbet, and you have fabulously easy dessert that also happened to have done some good in the world.

Use the Digital Cookie website to order Girl Scout cookies online to support New York City’s Troop 6000. Or If you want to support girls in your own community, call the local Girl Scout council offices in your area and ask where to buy cookies that support those troops.Psst: you can also make donations through their “Gift to Girl” program to fund the troops’ summer camp trips and other programs. You don’t need to buy cookies to make an impact.