If you follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen her adorable Pretend Cooking Show. (And if you’re not following her Instagram, 5-star highly recommend). Basically, Jen cooks her favorite recipes in the most charming of ways, sometimes alone, and sometimes with special guests (like her mom on Facetime – so cute). From cookies to tasty breads, to dinners and snacks, she makes a variety of goodies in this sweet, funny, and very accessible “show.”

So this year, I decided to find some of the items I’ve seen her use on the show (or close to it, anyway), all of which I think make lovely holiday gifts for the home cook in your life.

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Holiday gifts for fans of Jennifer Garner's Pretend Cooking Show


1. Jadeite glass mixing bowl

On a few different shows, Jen has used a similar glass bowl. There are several different versions (in several different price points) so take your pick. It’s so much better (and prettier) than plastic!

2. White ceramic baking dish

More white cookware and I’m totally in. I tracked down a dish I thought was pretty similar to the one I spotted in one of her shows. I love that this one comes with a top. Perfect!

3. Ina Garten cookbook

Jen is an Ina stan, and often cooks her recipes! This cookbook makes pretty regular appearances and for good reason. It’s a classic, and still holds the test of time.

4. KitchenAid Mixer

To be fair, KitchenAid is a sponsor of Jen’s show, and for good reason. She was using it long before their partnership. Most recently, she shared this beauty (so pretty, right), but this 5-quart model is the gold (or silver) standard. If the home cook in your life doesn’t have one of these, maybe this is the year!

5. Lodge Cast iron pan

For savory dishes, Jen uses her cast iron pan a lot. Lodge is highly rated and very affordable. If you’re new to cast iron, make sure you read the care instructions carefully!

Cool holiday gifts from Jennifer Garner's Pretend Cooking Show



6. Hand mixer

If the stand mixer isn’t in your budget, Jen also uses this hand mixer a lot, which I admit, is super handy to have. Pun intended. Heh. (The wireless version is pricier but super sweet, especially if your home cook loves baking).

7. Chunky black reading glasses

For those of us who happen to be of a certain age (like Jen), reading glasses are necessary. I mean, how else can we read Ina Garten’s cookbook (see below). I found these reading glasses on Anthropologie that I might just get for myself.

8. That flower sweater

Apparently, I’m not the only one who was trying to track down a sweater that Jen wore in one of her videos. It came right up when I googled. This Prada sweater is lovely, but not really available anywhere. I tracked down one at Bloomingdales that’s sort of similar, and I’m in love!

9. Apple Watch 

Hey, it’s a cooking show so we see a lot of Jen’s hands. I couldn’t help but notice her Apple watch, and this watch band.

10. White sauce pot

I spied this pot (well, similar, at least) in one of Jen’s latest videos and I thought it was so lovely. I’m a big fan of the white, along with the wooden handle – it’s just perfect.

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