Though we know a lot of homes will be enjoying corned beef for their St Patrick’s Day dinner this weekend, there are plenty of people (like me!) who would rather find some corned beef alternatives to serve on the 17th. If you’re like me, I’ve got you covered!

My fellow corned beef avoiders: Presenting 12 corned beef alternatives for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner table that range from wildly creative to incredibly classic. These recipes incorporate the flavors of the Emerald Isle with tips and variations if you’re feeding picky kids. I’ve even thrown in a couple of “just for fun” dinner ideas for St. Patrick’s Day that have nothing to do with adding green food coloring a the dish.

Put hey, green pancakes can work too.

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Creative St. Patrick’s Day Dinners

This St. Patrick's Day snack board from The Bakermama is such a fun dinner idea for kids.
St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board from The BakerMama

¬†Eat, drink, and be merry with this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board that The Baker Mama has filled with inspiration! She’s used¬†Irish sausages, cheeses like Kerrygold Dubliner (we found it right at Target!), and Irish soda bread, but the real star is that cheesy green clover in the middle of the board. Visit the post for step-by-step direction; no luck of the Irish needed.

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Grain-Free Shamrock Pizza is a fun corned beef alternative for kids on St. Patrick's Day

While it’s absolutely not a traditional Irish meal, I couldn’t resist sharing this pesto-covered Shamrock pizza that shows off a rainbow of veggies (shown in top photo). Follow the recipe exactly as written on Fork and Beans, or customize with toppings you know your entire family will eat. You can’t get more of a corned beef alternative than this!

Irish soups and stews for St. Patrick’s Day

Okay, now let’s get to the classics!

Irish Beef and Guiness Stew from Recipe Tin Eats: corned beeef alternatives for St. Patrick's day

If you’re going traditional but want some corned beef alternatives, stews may hit the spot. A bowl of the rich Guinness Beef Stew from Recipe Tin Eats is perfect when it’s cool out.¬†Made on the stove or in the crockpot, I’d serve this with her Irish soda bread or over creamy mashed potatoes like she does. And, don’t worry, the alcohol in the Guinness beer cooks away, leaving only flavor behind.

It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken's vegan Irish stew is a delicious family dinner for St. Patrick's Day.
Vegan Irish stew from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Not a meat eater? The vegan Irish stew combines the richness of Guinness beer with veggies and spices. Check out the tips for making the stew a little sweeter if your kids prefer it that way.

Lodge's green Dutch oven is perfect for serving soups and stews on St. Patrick's Day.

“Best of Ireland” seafood chowder recipe from Baby Led Feeding

Ireland has access to amazing seafood, and this authentic — and kid approved! — seafood chowder recipe from Baby Led Feeding incorporates a mix of seafood in a creamy broth. We would love to serve it dressed up for the holiday in this pistachio green Dutch oven from Lodge that we found at Wayfair. Perfect for spring!

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This Guinness stew from Dizzy Busy and Hungry uses chicken to make it a great St. Patrick's Day meal choice.
Guinness Chicken Stew from Dizzy Busy and Hungry

If your family prefers chicken, this Guinness Chicken Stew recipe simmers in a crockpot all day so that you only have to scoop and serve at dinnertime. Love all the shortcuts she shares in case you want to shave off a few minutes of prep time.

Alternately, try this Dublin Coddle, a stew made with Irish bangers, bacon, potatoes, and onions. The recipe from Irish American Mom, varies a bit from the traditional by browning the sausages slightly first. We approve.

Baked Irish Savory Pies for St. Patrick’s Day

If you need corned beef alternatives, savory baked pies like these could be just what you’re looking for. They can even be made ahead, which we always love.

Irish cheese makes this Shepherds Pie from Little Spice Jar extra delicious for St. Patrick's Day.
¬†Easy Rustic Shepherd’s Pie from Little Spice Jar

Irish cheddar mashed potatoes top this truly easy, and aptly named Easy Rustic Shepherd’s Pie recipe. She uses ground lamb for a traditional base, but ground beef will work well too and is more affordable if you’re feeding lots of hungry mouths.

Try Well Plated's vegetarian shepherds pie for St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Vegetarian Shepherds Pie from Well Plated

For non-meat eaters, I think the Vegetarian Shepherds Pie recipe from one of our go-to food blogs, Well Plated, looks so flavorful and satisfying. With just a few tweaks, you can easily make it vegan as well.

Kids will love these mini shepherds pies from Foxes Love Lemons.
Mini Shepherd Pies from Foxes Love Lemons

Kids and adults will gobble up these “leprechaun-sized” Mini Shepherd Pies, which pack a whole lot of flavor into a little bite. Just be sure you have a good mini muffin pan like this one from Wilton, which you’ll use so much once you have one! This recipe would also be a great finger food for any St. Patrick’s Day party you may be throwing or attending. Sl√°inte!

This Irish fish pie recipe from Lana's Cooking makes a hearty St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Irish Fish Pie from Lana’s Cooking

Save me a spot at the table for a plate of this Irish Fish Pie from Lana’s Cooking; The combination of salmon and cod in a cheese sauce, all topped with comforting mashed potatoes sounds incredible. Be sure to check out the tips to save yourself some prep time or for variations that your family may love.

Irish Potato Side Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day

Kale colcannon from Cookie and Kate is an easy St. Patrick's Day dish to serve with Irish Bangers and Mash.
Kale Colcannon recipe from Cookie and Kate

Colcannon is traditionally made with cabbage, though we love the vibrant green addition of kale in this Kale Colcannon recipe from Cookie and Kate. Serve alongside Irish “bangers” for a traditional bangers-and-mash meal, or hey, just serve with chicken nuggets if that is really what your kids will eat. We understand.

Try Seasons and Suppers' Irish Boxty recipe for St. Patrick's Day.
Traditional Boxty Irish Potato Cakes from Seasons and Suppers

A combo of mashed and grated potatoes becomes a flavorful potato pancake, with this Boxty recipe from Seasons and Suppers. Create little pancakes that kids can stack into a tower on their plate, or fry up one large Boxty in your cast iron skillet and cut in wedges as shown above.

Top image: Food Photographer on Unsplash