How has nearly the entire summer passed without us talking about gin and tonics? ¬†The classic summer sip is one of my favorites and always a crowd pleaser. Since you don’t need help making the traditional version, I found a super creative take¬†made with cucumber and turned into granita. And, because we never leave our non-drinking kids and friends out, I found a similar mocktail-inspired popsicle. So sit back and relax: Everyone gets to cool out with refreshing gin and tonic-inspired flavors at this party.

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Cocktail: Cucumber Gin and Tonic Granita

A super refreshing way to enjoy a classic cocktail: Cucumber Gin and Tonic Granita | Chew Two

What happens when you combine a refreshingly icy treat with the refreshing flavors of gin, tonic, and cucumber? This amazing Cucumber Gin and Tonic Granita (above & top) at Chew Town is what. This heavenly drink strikes me as the perfect way to sip your way to the end of August.

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Mocktail: Honeydew, Mint, and Cucumber Pops

Honeydew, Mint and Cucumber Popsicles | Pure Mamas

There is no easy way to turn a straight gin cocktail into a mocktail so, if you’re going to make a batch of Cucumber Gin and Tonic Granita, use the cucumber to also whip up a batch of these Honeydew, Mint, and Cucumber Pops¬†at Pure Mamas. I know, popsicles aren’t a mocktail, but you can easily freeze it partially to turn it into a¬†granita, too, or just plonk the popsicle in a cup of ginger ale to make a fun drink.