Have you ever wondered how to make rainbow pasta? Believe it or not, even with two small kids at home, I hadn’t. But when I was asked (dared?) to make rainbow pasta for my color-obsessed preschooler, I had to try. This pasta is not your typical weeknight spaghetti, unless of course your name is Punky Brewster or Rainbow Dash, but it was honestly way easier than I thought it would be, and perfect for a birthday party, Halloween, or even a rainy day activity.

Here’s how to make rainbow pasta so that you, too, can get in on this easy kitchen project and win major parent of the year points.

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I could offer a step by step, but honestly, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. At least not when the process is as simple as this tutorial on how to make rainbow pasta that I followed at Tablespoon. It’s as easy as combining food coloring with water in plastic bags and, once the pasta is cooked, evenly dividing it between the bags. One note is that I decreased the amount of food dye by 5 drops per color, and my pasta was still plenty vibrant.

Make sure that you really move the pasta around in the color, otherwise you might get some ombre-looking noodles. (Which, now that I think about it, might be kind of cool!) Once soaked and dyed, rinse each color pasta and toss back into the cooking pot to warm and dress.

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Check out this method for how to make rainbow pasta. A creative twist on regular pasta that will make your little ones giggle with delight. | Cool Mom Eats

Putting red sauce on this pasta defeats the point and, anyway, one of my general life rules is that everything tastes better with a little butter and salt. This rainbow pasta was no exception. After the initial bewilderment from my family, it was actually kind of fun to think we were slurping up a buttery rainbow. And with some extra fresh pepper and shaved parmesan, it tasted great too.

Twist, tangle and enjoy!