If you find yourself searching for — then washing — a bazillion cups everyday, you need this kitchen organization tip that my awesome fiancé installed in our kitchen. Not only is it convenient, but it turns out to be an incredible timesaver too.

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The trick is super easy: He purchased one plastic cup for each child in our home, then used super glue to attach a small round magnet to each one so that they attach to the fridge.

The four kids each fill their cups, take a drink, then pop the cup back onto the fridge, where they know it will be waiting the next time they are thirsty.

And just like that, we’re not searching the house for all of our cups at the end of every day. In fact, we’re not even washing more than four kids’ cups daily — a major change. The house is neater, we don’t waste time searching and cleaning, and it’s more eco-friendly too.

Honestly, it’s pretty magical.


Add magnets to your cups, then hang on fridge. Awesome timesaver | Cool Mom Eats

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I realize that this won’t work for every refrigerator; if it won’t work for yours, I suggest personalizing cups and stashing them in a designated spot. While you might still have to do a little searching at the end of each day, you will do a whole lot less cleaning. And hey, that’s something.

Now, to figure out how to magnetize my tea mugs.