Have you ever gotten mad at a mango? I bet you have and that it was because you didn’t know how to cut it without totally butchering the fruit. Don’t worry — it has happened to all of us, which is why this week’s Kitchen Help Live, our Facebook Live broadcasts on the Cool Mom Picks Facebook page every Thursday at 1 pm ET, was all about dealing with hard-to-cut fruit.

Because you will master the watermelon this summer.

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Watch Kitchen Help Live: How to cut fruit the right way for tips on:

* How to cut MANGO two different ways, one of which is nearly enough to get even picky eaters to try it.
* How to make WATERMELON match sticks — so cool and way better than wedges — and also how to cube it quickly.
* A quick trick for peeling KIWI in one fell swoop.
* How to cut LEMONS AND LIMES to get more juice out of them. Seriously!
* Getting all those POMEGRANATE seeds out quickly and without a big mess.
* The right way to peel, slice, and cube an AVOCADO.
* How to cut a PINEAPPLE properly.
* Peeling an ORANGE into segments in a snap.

And, for good fun, I show you a PASSION FRUIT, too, because it looks scary at first, but is ridiculously delicious!

Be sure to tune into Kitchen Help Live every Thursday at 1 pm ET/10 am PT on the Cool Mom Picks Facebook page. And leave a comment here or on Facebook telling us what you’d like me to cook up or go over on some episode soon. We want to hear from you!

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