If you’re as obsessed with Instagram Stories and with food as I am, you need to make sure to never miss these three food Instagram accounts — especially their Stories. Helping make sure of this is my food editor civic duty. And I won’t even include @CoolMomEats, because I’m classy like that.

Eh, scratch that. I’m not at all classy like that. Follow the three folks below and also follow us on Instagram too. We’re sharing full recipes in our feed, doing cooking demos in Stories, and generally having fun. You’ll be missing out if you don’t follow. Just saying.

Now, on to the others!

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Lucinda Scala Quinn at @MadHungryLSQ

Best food Instagram accounts to follow for Instagram Stories: Lucinda Scala Quinn aka @MadHungryLSQ

I admit that I’m a fan of pretty much anything Lucinda Scala Quinn says, does, and makes. The cookbook author and long-time Editorial Director of food at Martha Stewart Omnimedia is my hero for her soulful, easy, and always flavorful home cooking. And she’s pretty damn cute with all of those sons, which, of course, gets me.

The @MadHungryLSQ Instagram feed is a good way to get insight into what Lucinda cooks in her real life, but they’re just photos taken on the fly — nothing too fancy or aesthetically noteworthy. And that’s exactly what makes her Stories so killer. She shows you what she’s cooking and how she’s cooking it, complete with brief but somehow totally thorough notes. You can honestly cook along with her Stories. Every time I watch, I want to make what she’s making — and feel like I can.

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Sarah Carey at @SarahCarey1

Best food Instagram accounts to follow for Instagram Stories: Sarah Carey aka SarahCarey1

I’m also obsessed with Sarah Carey, aka @SarahCarey1, another Martha Stewart personality (she’s the Editorial Director of food for Martha Stewart Living), which makes me sound like a weird stalker. I’m only obsessed with three food personalities at the moment and it just so happens that two of them come from Martha Stewart. (Or does it?)

To be completely honest, if I had to choose, I’d pick Sarah’s IG feed over her Stories, but both are great for similar reasons that her colleague Lucinda’s feed is also great: they feel like an authentic peek into what and how Sarah is cooking at home and at work. Also, she seems to go out a lot, especially for work (and with work people, ahem), and who doesn’t love a little behind-the-scenes action.

I fell in love with Sarah’s pictures when she started #SarahBeforeSeven, which shows what she preps for dinner before heading to work — because celebrity chefs are just like us! I’m crushing on her brand new hashtag, too, #2minutecookingschool, which I hope she keeps up. And her Stories just give us more, with tons of humor. Also hair updates, which I totally appreciate.

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Rayna at @OneHungryJew

Best food Instagram accounts to follow for Instagram Stories: Rayna at @OneHungryJew

I’m probably too old to love Rayna, known online as @OneHungryJew, as much as I do, but she’s hilarious and, well, the One Hungry Mama – One Hungry Jew thing. (Our similar handles is how I found her.) Plus, who doesn’t love watching a funny, food-loving millennial make eating look sexy?

Disclosure, I have no idea how old Rayna is, but millennial totally works for her.

Rayna uses Stories to document her travels as she eats everything from vegan lox to the juiciest, messiest, most finger-licking good burger any city has to offer. She’s funny, self-deprecating in the best way, and a killer photographer with a genuine understanding and insatiable love of food. Watch her once and you’ll wish you could grab a drink with her — except you go to bed way too early.